Master Key Journey with Susan

Reflections of a new journey

Week 4: Chaos vs. Clarity

reflectionHave you ever had one of those days when you looked in the mirror and just didn’t like who was looking back at you?  This has been me for the week.  It has been about processing the reading material, fighting emotions, dealing with family, and working my business.  I have realized that I am late, behind, scattered, and edge-of-chaos-chaos-wordle-newdisorganized in almost every area of my life.  The good news is the readings hold the answer for me to change.

Although I have been reading about forming good habits, my actions and consistency both look like poor effort.  I know I am training my mind to think a different way so I can produce new habits, thoughts and actions.  What I have noticed this week is the plan I have been following is not serving me, therefore I am not building a bridge to serve others.

Part 4 from Haanel states:  “Now is the time to make the effort.”   This statement is reinforced by Mandino in scroll one:  “Time teaches all things to him who lives forever but I have not the luxury of eternity.”  If I am going to change my life, this means I better seriously commit and focus to the process.  It is my choice how to do this.  I can struggle along and complain or I can stay focused on my end goals and enjoy the journey.

The whole thing of changing myself is a process.  After 52 years of habits that are not working, then celebrating each new habit and success is part of enjoying the journey.

ar129816332094873Closing thoughts for week 4, being too hard on myself does not serve me, bringing joy to others is         serving.  Practicing good habits is a principle to apply at my own pace, it is my choice how fast I want to get     to my destination.  At last it is fall in Florida, the skies are a brilliant blue and the air is crisp and I can focus on that vision anytime I choose to continue to making good clear choices and habits each day.


Week 3: 13.1 Discoveries about the Mind & a Half Marathon

innermindRecognition, Observation and Discovery

Wow! Week 3 is about recognition, observations and discoveries about myself as my mind processes the MKMMA material.  My moment of recognition this week is around commitments.  This 26 week course is the first thing I have committed to for a long time.

Next is my observations around my commitments.   I have agreed to complete assignments and training in a particular time frame.  The good news is I am getting more things done with a true desire to finish something than ever before.  My word has become very important to my inner soul.  The bad news is I have not completed all things in the time frame, yet.  However, I have completed most and I am getting better everyday and finding more creativity and excitement in my life.

Finally, this leads me to several discoveries.  For example I can say “I am an athlete” with confidence now.  After all I am running 13.1 miles in The Women’s Running Series on November 24th, 2013.

Here are 13.1 Discoveries between the Mind & a Half Marathon:

1.  It is a decision to have positive thoughts and run a half marathon.  Both support colorful dreams, better health, and ignite my inner light.RaceMap2013

2.  Scheduling meditation and training builds my inner light.  Now I have used my senses writing, vocalizing, and seeing the scheduled activity.  This stimulates my desire, visualization and allows opportunity to honor my written promises.  Each promise kept, is honored and expands my light.

3.  Organization is the booster for a positive experience.  Knowing I have a special place to develop my mind and thoughts is just as important as having proper running gear for an effective run.  Both offer stress relief and promote efficiency.

4.  It is a real exercise!  While running is a physical activity of movement, bringing the mind and body into stillness is a complete exercise on non movement & silence.  Yet, both exercises feed my inner light and being.

5.  Sound produces inner light.  Music keeps my energy in motion while running.  Daily listening of the audios from the Master Keys and the weekly video enhance my focus and reinforce positive messages to my mind.  Hence my inner light shines brighter.

6.  It is a group thing.  I am part of a unique crowd, including the Fab 50 Women on the Run and the Master Key Master Mind Alliance 2013 groups.  Both provide encouragement, accountability, support, love and focus to achieve a common goals.

7.  Repetition stokes desire.  Every step forward, every run, every read, every sit as directed brings me closer to the finish line and fulfilling my definite major purpose for my

8.  Uniqueness as a individual.  It is my time to shine.  This process is mine to own, take to heart, and be totally authentic to myself and others.  It is my attitude, interactions, and level of participation that reveal my true self.

9.  Food for my soul.  It is tasting delicious plates of books and forums to ensure my personal success in life.   It is a delicious variety of healthy foods that give me energy to cross the finish line.  Both are fuel to strengthen my inner light.

10.  Stay the course.  I am committed to finishing with a happy ending.  Delays and set backs are part of life.  It is my choice how to handle the detours.  I am excited and determined to finish by running past my old blueprint with a clear, vivid picture of my life crossing the finish line.

11.  Choosing a pace.  My life is filled with choices.  I am in the MKMMA and race to win.  It is my journey not to be compared to others.  I meet myself, do my best, push through the tough parts, and enjoy the sensations, emotions and progress of my own journey and race.

12.  Habits take practice.  It is my desire and choice to take on good habits.  Daily routines and clear written statements produce a bright inner glow.  The longer I maintain and acquire good habits, the longer my inner light will shine brighter and stronger.

13.  Celebrate each success. Whether, it is a dinner, party, movie or a bubble bath.  I have taken time to really soak in the experience and feeling of success!  My heart is racing now with joy because I am focused and celebrating my MKMMA journey!

13.1  I always keep my promises!


Week 2: Blue Rectangles Control a Woman’s Mind to Sing!

Most MKMMA’ers . . .

Most MKMMA’ ers who read this blog have some “ah ha moments” but some don’t.  You know the type, they have not committed to the read, they don’t play mind games, and they don’t voice enthusiasm out loud.  Quite frankly they are not ready to make a change in their life and that’s okay.

Here’s what Happened to me . . .

First let me catch you up on the lingo “MKMMA”,  which means Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I decided to participate with the group to get various areas of my life in order and commit to helping others achieve their dreams as well.

Here’s what happened to me during the second week.  I am starting to get into a routine of my personal requirements to maintain my position in the group.  These requirements challenge my conscious and subconscious thinking and my behaviors.

However, I made a decision to move forward to feel, examine, and move through all emotions.  I am determined to play “full out, all in, game on”  to design my life as I know it can be.

Blue Rectangles & a Song . . .

For example, if I really wanted to get a bag of teddy bears (memories of home and Christmas) off of the couch and out of the house, and the secret was blue rectangles and a song…How would I do this?

Note: The bag has been sitting there for over a month.  Most people know it as procrastination!

First, I would Think and Trust.  There have been others that have participated in the MKMMA with success.

“Today I will pluck grapes of wisdom from the tallest and fullest vines in the vineyard, for these were planted by the wisest of my profession who come before me, generation upon generation.”  ~The Greatest Salesman in the World ~ by Og Mandino

Second, I would demonstrate, in a video my interpretation of how the conscious and subconscious mind works referenced from Haanel.

” 19.  The subconscious mind perceives by intution.  Hence, it processes are rapid.  It does not wait for the slow methods of conscious reasoning…..”    ~Part 2 in the Master Key System~  by Charles F. Haanel


Blue Rectangles Control a Woman’s Mind to Sing!

What were my Results?

So simple, the teddy bears went to a dear friend and her charity. The video was created. My imagination was suddenly activated.  It was so clear, so fast, my heart was racing at the abundance of blue rectangles.  It took my conscious mind to find them,  then my subconscious mind just started making blue rectangles out of anything blue, then anything blue reminded me of repetition which converted into action and a song appeared to make the experience fun..

In conclusion I feel gratitude for a simple task, a simple phrase that awakened me to be creative, take action, be open and share.  Perhaps, you too, can take a simple task and a simple phrase to reach a desired dream for you.


Master Key Week 1: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

There is an old saying…”begin with the end in mind!”    Welcome to my blog.  This blog is dedicated to my journey  and experience of the Master Keys System.4630164

Let the story begin with my Emerald City in mind, which means Time with Family & Community, Abundant Fun Money, and Travel with husband, Dan..  I am erasing all previous self talk and negative thoughts about myself, life and business.  I am starting fresh at the beginning of this journey with a clear mind and true excitement.

My heart is joyful as the munchkins are cheering me on down the yellow  brick road of enlightenment.  These particular munchkins live within me.  On this particular sunny day they represent hope, dreams, and colorful thoughts.  I am on my way to my personal “Emerald City” or seeking to live my definite major purpose.

As clear as the yellow brick road appears in the morning, by the afternoon I feel the dark clouds appearing.  It is the wicked witch casting spells on me.  As before the wicked witch, also lives within me.  On this dark afternoon the spells represent mental fog, disorganization, and procrastination.

However, because I am doing a daily 15 minute mediation and connecting with the Universal power, I now have skills to conquer and cure the spells.

How to Cure 3 Evil Unwanted Spells:

  1. Cure Mental Fog:
    1. Do my 15 minute meditation
    2. Focus on my Emerald City
    3. Feel the emotion in my body, without moving a muscle
    4. Erase the label “Mental Fog”; Replace it with Focus and Desire
  2. Cure Disorganization:
    1. Do my 15 minute mediation
    2. Focus on my Emerald City
    3. Decide to take action
    4. Start with an easy task, to make a new habit
    5. Write it down, plan the time, check it off
    6. Celebrate and Recognize Success
    7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…, etc.
  3. Cure Procrastination
    1. Do my 15 minute mediation
    2. Focus on my Emerald City
    3. Remember the munchkins ( they believe in me, so it must be true)
    4. Decide to take action
    5. Write it down, plan the time, check it off
    6. Celebrate and Recognize Success
    7. Track my progress
    8. Adjust as needed, stay the course
    9. Go forward with Excitement!!!.
    10. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…etc.

Looking at the last few days, I see the key is developing the new habit of a 15 minute mediation.  The wandering mind is starting to focus on my Emerald City and living my definite major purpose.  It is a special time in my life to start and continue this journey.

I celebrate with Dan daily!


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