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Week 2: Blue Rectangles Control a Woman’s Mind to Sing!

on October 10, 2013

Most MKMMA’ers . . .

Most MKMMA’ ers who read this blog have some “ah ha moments” but some don’t.  You know the type, they have not committed to the read, they don’t play mind games, and they don’t voice enthusiasm out loud.  Quite frankly they are not ready to make a change in their life and that’s okay.

Here’s what Happened to me . . .

First let me catch you up on the lingo “MKMMA”,  which means Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  I decided to participate with the group to get various areas of my life in order and commit to helping others achieve their dreams as well.

Here’s what happened to me during the second week.  I am starting to get into a routine of my personal requirements to maintain my position in the group.  These requirements challenge my conscious and subconscious thinking and my behaviors.

However, I made a decision to move forward to feel, examine, and move through all emotions.  I am determined to play “full out, all in, game on”  to design my life as I know it can be.

Blue Rectangles & a Song . . .

For example, if I really wanted to get a bag of teddy bears (memories of home and Christmas) off of the couch and out of the house, and the secret was blue rectangles and a song…How would I do this?

Note: The bag has been sitting there for over a month.  Most people know it as procrastination!

First, I would Think and Trust.  There have been others that have participated in the MKMMA with success.

“Today I will pluck grapes of wisdom from the tallest and fullest vines in the vineyard, for these were planted by the wisest of my profession who come before me, generation upon generation.”  ~The Greatest Salesman in the World ~ by Og Mandino

Second, I would demonstrate, in a video my interpretation of how the conscious and subconscious mind works referenced from Haanel.

” 19.  The subconscious mind perceives by intution.  Hence, it processes are rapid.  It does not wait for the slow methods of conscious reasoning…..”    ~Part 2 in the Master Key System~  by Charles F. Haanel


Blue Rectangles Control a Woman’s Mind to Sing!

What were my Results?

So simple, the teddy bears went to a dear friend and her charity. The video was created. My imagination was suddenly activated.  It was so clear, so fast, my heart was racing at the abundance of blue rectangles.  It took my conscious mind to find them,  then my subconscious mind just started making blue rectangles out of anything blue, then anything blue reminded me of repetition which converted into action and a song appeared to make the experience fun..

In conclusion I feel gratitude for a simple task, a simple phrase that awakened me to be creative, take action, be open and share.  Perhaps, you too, can take a simple task and a simple phrase to reach a desired dream for you.


6 responses to “Week 2: Blue Rectangles Control a Woman’s Mind to Sing!

  1. Sue says:

    Awesome singing, awesome song!

  2. Sue Blaylock says:

    Great post, Susan You are definitely up to the challenge!

  3. shedgcock says:

    Awesome! This is the whole process in motion!

  4. Stu Estler says:

    it is amazing, how good it feels accomplishing just a simple task we promise ourselves we’ll do!

  5. Jude Davis says:

    I Love you and your humor and enthusiasm! I am still laughing…you made me feel so good and happy! Congrats! And you are looking so beautiful and happy…MKMMA looks good on you!

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