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Week 3: 13.1 Discoveries about the Mind & a Half Marathon

on October 20, 2013

innermindRecognition, Observation and Discovery

Wow! Week 3 is about recognition, observations and discoveries about myself as my mind processes the MKMMA material.  My moment of recognition this week is around commitments.  This 26 week course is the first thing I have committed to for a long time.

Next is my observations around my commitments.   I have agreed to complete assignments and training in a particular time frame.  The good news is I am getting more things done with a true desire to finish something than ever before.  My word has become very important to my inner soul.  The bad news is I have not completed all things in the time frame, yet.  However, I have completed most and I am getting better everyday and finding more creativity and excitement in my life.

Finally, this leads me to several discoveries.  For example I can say “I am an athlete” with confidence now.  After all I am running 13.1 miles in The Women’s Running Series on November 24th, 2013.

Here are 13.1 Discoveries between the Mind & a Half Marathon:

1.  It is a decision to have positive thoughts and run a half marathon.  Both support colorful dreams, better health, and ignite my inner light.RaceMap2013

2.  Scheduling meditation and training builds my inner light.  Now I have used my senses writing, vocalizing, and seeing the scheduled activity.  This stimulates my desire, visualization and allows opportunity to honor my written promises.  Each promise kept, is honored and expands my light.

3.  Organization is the booster for a positive experience.  Knowing I have a special place to develop my mind and thoughts is just as important as having proper running gear for an effective run.  Both offer stress relief and promote efficiency.

4.  It is a real exercise!  While running is a physical activity of movement, bringing the mind and body into stillness is a complete exercise on non movement & silence.  Yet, both exercises feed my inner light and being.

5.  Sound produces inner light.  Music keeps my energy in motion while running.  Daily listening of the audios from the Master Keys and the weekly video enhance my focus and reinforce positive messages to my mind.  Hence my inner light shines brighter.

6.  It is a group thing.  I am part of a unique crowd, including the Fab 50 Women on the Run and the Master Key Master Mind Alliance 2013 groups.  Both provide encouragement, accountability, support, love and focus to achieve a common goals.

7.  Repetition stokes desire.  Every step forward, every run, every read, every sit as directed brings me closer to the finish line and fulfilling my definite major purpose for my

8.  Uniqueness as a individual.  It is my time to shine.  This process is mine to own, take to heart, and be totally authentic to myself and others.  It is my attitude, interactions, and level of participation that reveal my true self.

9.  Food for my soul.  It is tasting delicious plates of books and forums to ensure my personal success in life.   It is a delicious variety of healthy foods that give me energy to cross the finish line.  Both are fuel to strengthen my inner light.

10.  Stay the course.  I am committed to finishing with a happy ending.  Delays and set backs are part of life.  It is my choice how to handle the detours.  I am excited and determined to finish by running past my old blueprint with a clear, vivid picture of my life crossing the finish line.

11.  Choosing a pace.  My life is filled with choices.  I am in the MKMMA and race to win.  It is my journey not to be compared to others.  I meet myself, do my best, push through the tough parts, and enjoy the sensations, emotions and progress of my own journey and race.

12.  Habits take practice.  It is my desire and choice to take on good habits.  Daily routines and clear written statements produce a bright inner glow.  The longer I maintain and acquire good habits, the longer my inner light will shine brighter and stronger.

13.  Celebrate each success. Whether, it is a dinner, party, movie or a bubble bath.  I have taken time to really soak in the experience and feeling of success!  My heart is racing now with joy because I am focused and celebrating my MKMMA journey!

13.1  I always keep my promises!


11 responses to “Week 3: 13.1 Discoveries about the Mind & a Half Marathon

  1. Sue Blaylock says:

    Keep up the good work, we are in for the long run to direct our own journeys.

  2. Casey Cleland says:

    Love the bridge to the running Susan. Just like your times you clock over the distance you run you will get better results with you disciplines as times goes on. Desire is the key, persistance is the discipline, sharing is the result. Thanks for sharing.

  3. edsmasterkey says:

    Wow! Great Post!!!

    I applaud your commitment to running in “The Women’s Running Series” on November 24th, 2013! I admire the level of introspection you exercised delving deeper into the more subtle aspects presented by the MKMMA. Your insight serves as an inspiration to all of us on this path of self discovery.

    Your comments: “…The good news is I am getting more things done with a true desire to finish something than ever before … the bad news is I have not completed all things in the time frame, yet.” hits close to home. Something I have done which may, or may not, help you is to write up a schedule of what needs to be done everyday; as thought precedes words that go before actions which lead to habit, eventually the written schedule becomes internalized and aid is no longer necessary.

    Best Wishes! I look forward to reading more about your journey.

  4. Sue says:

    Run, Susan, run! You are truly in winner, in your races and in your thinking!

  5. BB123 says:

    Susan I know running takes some real discipline, and not just physical. I have had my mind battle me while running-I had to purpose in my thought to continue, and insist I can do this! You are shining every day, and it appears you’ve committed to running before taking this class. Thankful to be taking this MKMMA journey together Susan. You inspire me 🙂

  6. Stu Estler says:

    4-28 “by exercise, mental strength is secured in exactly the same way that physical strength is secured, by exercise.” It’s great that you’re anchoring your MKMMA growth to your marathon growth. Each influences and supports the other!

  7. shedgcock says:

    Wow! Incredible! Thank you for sharing your discoveries! You always seem to express the experiences and ideas we are all sharing so clearly!

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