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Reflections of a new journey

Week 4: Chaos vs. Clarity

on October 26, 2013

reflectionHave you ever had one of those days when you looked in the mirror and just didn’t like who was looking back at you?  This has been me for the week.  It has been about processing the reading material, fighting emotions, dealing with family, and working my business.  I have realized that I am late, behind, scattered, and edge-of-chaos-chaos-wordle-newdisorganized in almost every area of my life.  The good news is the readings hold the answer for me to change.

Although I have been reading about forming good habits, my actions and consistency both look like poor effort.  I know I am training my mind to think a different way so I can produce new habits, thoughts and actions.  What I have noticed this week is the plan I have been following is not serving me, therefore I am not building a bridge to serve others.

Part 4 from Haanel states:  “Now is the time to make the effort.”   This statement is reinforced by Mandino in scroll one:  “Time teaches all things to him who lives forever but I have not the luxury of eternity.”  If I am going to change my life, this means I better seriously commit and focus to the process.  It is my choice how to do this.  I can struggle along and complain or I can stay focused on my end goals and enjoy the journey.

The whole thing of changing myself is a process.  After 52 years of habits that are not working, then celebrating each new habit and success is part of enjoying the journey.

ar129816332094873Closing thoughts for week 4, being too hard on myself does not serve me, bringing joy to others is         serving.  Practicing good habits is a principle to apply at my own pace, it is my choice how fast I want to get     to my destination.  At last it is fall in Florida, the skies are a brilliant blue and the air is crisp and I can focus on that vision anytime I choose to continue to making good clear choices and habits each day.


12 responses to “Week 4: Chaos vs. Clarity

  1. Sue says:

    Awesome post, Susan! I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one struggling with this process! I LOVE it, and I love who I am creating in myself, but the day-to-day, moment-by-moment challenges are difficult.

  2. mkstevewhite says:

    Way to fight the emotions. Keep strong you win.

  3. Sue Blaylock says:

    Great post. I love your candor. I have been having a lot of the same challenges this week, also. Hang in there, we will change our habit language.

  4. mentorsusan says:

    Thanks Sue! I feel so good today!!

  5. Geni Witt says:

    Looking a that beautiful blue Florida fall sky-that would keep me going.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Geni, Your smile is amazing! It is delightful getting to know you as we process our deepest self and let the fear of “what others think” go.

  6. I love your post Sue. These are things we all struggle with but can get through if we are honest with ourselves. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you John, Yes, I am meeting a new me and learning lots about who I am . All things are possible with a clear mind and the path is easier sharing with friends on the same path.

  7. Stu Estler says:

    Discovering that we’re not the only one struggling is reassuring in that we realize we’re not alone and we’re all committed to moving ahead in spite of obstacles.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Yes, Stu you are so right. It is awesome to share openly with others, when it is not my true nature to be so open. New experiences everyday promote growth.

  8. mkmmamia says:

    Wonderful post Susan! Hats off to seeing clarity through the chaos!

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