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Week 5: Thumbtacks of Wisdom from the Bullentin Board

on November 3, 2013

Humor in a sit

Do I understand correctly, the power from within me starts with a 15 minute sit and a blank mind?  What a joke! Sitting3 Ha, and now after five weeks, progress is happening!  I can sit for a full fifteen minutes without moving and there are minutes of no thought.  Each week a new brain/ mind exercise goes with my sit.  Yes, the humor is this girl looks forward to her short daily meditations.


Since images, voices, family and environments all bombard my mind and being daily, clutter and confusion are continually being forced on me.  It is now my time to step up and take responsibility of what is really needed in my mind and in my house.   The game of house keeping is on, and I am here to clear my mind and house of clutter, so I have more room and space to receive my dreams.

After absorbing the information from my reading, looking around my house, and enjoying the refreshing sense of enlightenment from my meditation, I notice my bulletin board and ponder.

Thumbtacks of Wisdom

Is it a dream or is it real?  I hear the thumbtacks calling me from that mysterious part of my mind and they are giving me a plan.  They are screaming and dancing with joy,  “use your mind, it’s your life, it’s your business, it’s your dream and here are your clues location, reminders, and your unique gifts”.

 Thumbtacks of Wisdom:

bulletinBoard21.  Location:  The bulletin board needs to be in a prime location to be the center of attention and focus.  Just as I take the bulletin board from behind the door and center it in my office, then I choose to build my business.  This represents me working  including,  scheduling specific home office hours, meeting people at events, and having brochures and samples available upon request.  These activities put me in a prime location to focus and develop myself and business.

2.  Reminders:  Thumbtacks hold a collection of items from cards, photos and awards from yesterday, to the grocery list, “to do” list for today, and the appointments, activities and coupons for tomorrow.  Therefore, important items can be buried and forgotten.  This is how multitasking, disorganization, and lack of energy creep into my life.  Therefore, it is important for me to clean up every day with daily meditations, daily organization in my planner, and daily vocal affirmations.  Spending a few minutes with each of these keep me calm, focused, productive and revitalized with energy.

3.  Unique Gifts:  Every bulletin board is unique. Most represent a theme, cause, or a collection of items.  Mine represents my unique gifts and service to others.  To have a clean house of truth and sincerity, it takes awareness, practice, and a good look in the mirror to polish the gifts so they are ready to give.  These gifts are how I express myself ,  how I use my personality to relate , and how I sincerely listen to others.  It is clear to me as I continue to love, serve and honor others, then I am able to receive.



I continue to sit and meditate as it cleans my mind.  This produces clear thoughts, which produce ideas, which lead to action and builds my strength and persistence within.   The cleanliness within me, helps inspire cleanliness around me for clarity and purpose in my life.


7 responses to “Week 5: Thumbtacks of Wisdom from the Bullentin Board

  1. Sandra Owen says:

    I really love your sense of fun Susan 😀

  2. mentorsusan says:

    Thank you Sandra. I wish I could see more of your crafts. Looking forward when we can do something fun together. This MKMMA is really stirring my crafty desires and creativity.

  3. WOW, Susan…love your blog. Nice design and I love the pictures you added. Thanks for sharing a personal part of your journey with me. Love your FUN attitude much. We need more of that.

    Keep up the awesomeness as I look forward to reading more.

    Make it an awesome day!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Darren,
      Thank you for the nice comments. I look forward to getting to know you as well. Yes, life is short it is ‘fun’ to enjoy the moments as we go.

  4. Stu Estler says:

    Really like the “thumbtacks of wisdom” philosophy. The bulletin board is a great way to “check off” goals as you achieve them!

  5. BB123 says:

    Susan, Thumbtacks of wisdom-very creative in your blog writing. I enjoyed reading, you had me smiling all the way through.

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