Master Key Journey with Susan

Reflections of a new journey

Week 7: Olive Oyl Sees the Light

on November 18, 2013


My how time passes quickly when I am working on myself!  It is a joy to be thinking positive thoughts most of the day.  Some would say, at least noticing that  I  am sort of working toward positive and healthy thoughts.


So it is being pounded into my thick head, scratch…. it is being delightfully

visualizingimplanted into my ever so receptive mind to see things visually and in ways that are different.   I

must see to believe and trick my mind in a variety of methods to keep me moving forward to my life as I see it.   I have my index cards to see and read.  I have posters of shapes taped and framed all over my house,  I have blogs to read that includes seeing, and I have a vision board that is a constant reminder of my life and how I perceive it.

Ah Ha Moments:

Seeing , visualization, and discovering a blocking segment about myself is a unique oliveoyl2process.  Well, the fact is that “Olive Oyl” from “Popeye” has set up housekeeping in my body.   The discovery is I have been waiting for Dan to help me (otherwise known as rescue me), study with me,  and do the business with me.  That is procrastination meeting wishing that causes disaster, disorganization and lack of progress in my life!

After picking myself up off the floor from the final faint of  “Olive Oyl”, it is time to evaluate my actions and go to work for myself and my DMP.

Responsibility and Accountability:

This course is most appreciated by the compounding affect it has, when applied properly.  Stepping up to the plate and improving my game can easily be said.  I am responsible for my game.   However, it is the actions and the results that show the real players in the game.  I am accountable to me, for it is my life, and I choose the results.

I have me….  I do the work….  I do the work easily…. not me  or powerful enough.  Try again.

“I am thrilled completing my work effortlessly on time with joyful enthusiasm and I vividly see the details of my life developing as my self confidence radiates love to all I meet, including me.”   ~ Responsible Susan Higley~

Ask for Help:

In conclusion, I am in a Master Mind Alliance.  It is okay to ask Dan or other members for help when it is authentic request and not just covering up an excuse.


3 responses to “Week 7: Olive Oyl Sees the Light

  1. Sue says:

    I love your ending affirmation!! Keep it up!

  2. Tony Profit says:

    LOL Olive Oyl…

    I SO Loved those cartoons growing up!

    They’re SURELY NOT what they once were.

    You sign off is AWESOME!!!


    Here is a Gift I Pray You’ll Enjoy…

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