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Week 8: What Really is a Ball of Yarn?

on November 21, 2013


Week eight, thoughts, love, and I are really bonding this week.  As my journey continues, part of my reading and meditation is about a “Battleship”.   However, I’m  being a bit uncoachable for this blog because ships and battle are not my thing.  I will take this journey with a simple ball of yarn.  It is girlish, fashionable, and creative, so it must be all about me.


Most people think of yarn and knitting as a girl or grandma hobby even though many men have a fascination and imagination for the fiber arts as well.   Here is my point of view, it starts with an idea, a ball of yarn, and an attitude of love and giving.

Yarn and Me:

A ball of yarn and myself have similar characteristics.  In fact, as I write about yarn, see if your mind wanders to my personality or focuses on the topic at hand, the yarn.20130405_104311

There it is sitting in a basket, bin, or draped nicely over a display.  It is unique in color, fiber blend, and weight.  It is dreaming of being developed into something beautiful, durable, and long lasting.  It is seeking the right person to strike interest, show love, shape and mentor it into a bountiful production.  It sees others that have made it into the magazines, and some have even been so successful to make the front cover page.


At last She sees it.  The pattern is in her hand,  joy and excitement light up her face and with love in her touch she fondles and adores the yarn.

Taking a deeper look, there is much to consider for this garment.  First consider the pattern in her hand, someone had to create the pattern it is filled with unique stitches to form the elegant design.  Next, She is there with desire and determination that is supported with pure delight and imagination.

photo (1)Following, the dream there is skill level to consider.  As she quickly scans the pattern, she notices some verbiage and symbols that are unfamiliar.  Now, she must recruit a helper or a possible mentor to start and perhaps work with her until the project is well on the way.

Other Factors:

The yarn has found a home.  It is absorbing the love and frustration from her time and effort.  The yarn chooses to take in all of the love.  She is aware of her frustration at times, wpid-20131120_222438.jpgand lays the yarn down to reconnect with the pattern.  She looks at the picture, she feels the love for the recipient, she listens to her DMP recording and returns to the project refreshed after her 15 minute sit.  She is persistent and makes  stitches, mistakes, and progress each day.  Her vision is focused on the end project.


The yarn has been crafted, uniquely used for an intricate design, and completed into a fashionable, durable gift of love.

She lives her bliss.  She has stayed the course and yearns for more.  For a single garment is only the beginning of what she can accomplish.  She sits with her imagination daily to vision what else is possible.


14 responses to “Week 8: What Really is a Ball of Yarn?

  1. Ed says:

    Wow! That’s a lucky ball of yarn! I never thought of a knitted sweater, booties, or scarf like that, but now I will consider what goes into something like that the next time. Very cool Susan!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Ed, we are all so creative in different ways. It is just another way to look at something. This course is great! Thank you again for taking a journey with me.

  2. abletsang says:

    Wow! How unique. It’s kind of funny you mention this, because I had some difficulty thinking of battle ships too. But afterwards, I started tracing back the people on the ship, the cloth on the ship, etc etc.

    You are truly knitting something beautiful!

  3. masterkeyreflex says:

    You as yarn so resonates with me. I’ve always loved yarn, fabric, the textures, colours, possibilities they all present together, your weaving together of your creative passion as it’s growing you from the inside out is a thing of beauty!

  4. mentorsusan says:

    Thank you! It truly is a process what we are all experiencing.

  5. brentvachon says:

    I love the originality, fantastic blog Susan, great creatively, thanks for sharing your journey

  6. Sue says:

    A ball of yarn has infinite potential, as have we! I’m not going to be a sweater, though… Excellent post, Susan!

  7. Geni Witt says:

    You showed your creative flare in this blog. You have stayed your course, and are living in your bliss, and so much more is on the horizon of life. What a wonderful journey Susan we are traveling together!

  8. I am in awe of your creativity, Susan. I learn so much from your blogs. Thank you!

  9. Susan, I love the Yarn analogy…you have a wonderful way with your words and the meaning is helping me grow in ways that were unexpected. I honour you for staying the journey in MKMMA…know I am at your side always.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Tom, It is an honor to be working with you in more ways than one. It is a blessings to see your leadership and focus, and it is my responsibility to follow your well laid path.

  10. […] on  thoughts and actions to accomplish my dreams and goals.  Another way to look at it is like a ball of variegated yarn.  Looking at the colors in the yarn ball, I do not know how often the colors will change or the […]

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