Master Key Journey with Susan

Reflections of a new journey

Week 13: Defining Service and Finding Bliss

Thoughts of Service:

It is the week of Christmas, week 13 of the MKMMA journey, and recognition of my spirit with constructive thought.  I have been questioning my participation, efforts and desires for my life.  The sit has become my “fix” for the day.  A time to think and view clarity for my day.  My thoughts this week have been around service.

What does “service” really mean to me?

How to  consciously apply “service” in a systematic direction?

Defining Service for Susan:

Service defined by Susan,  helping others, giving quality to actions involved in helping others. 20130301_133658 Giving an item in exchange for pure satisfaction, money, time, or love.  I’m sure I could write an entire article just on this subject, however, that defines my point today.

Conscious Application:

It all begins with the 15 minute sit, aka meditation.  The idea comes, and immediate choices are made, either eliminate the thought or make a plan to act on it.  Skipping over all the possibilities of imagination during the sit, “Conscious Application” comes with, yes, acting on that thought.  Taking action to research, define, plan, and make some dates on my calendar for actually applying the knowledge acquired into action.

The Idea:

It came.  It was there all the time.  It had been forgotten, put on hold, and got pushed down to the bottom of the priority list, until I had more time and money.  Ha!  Have you ever postponed something for those reasons?

The answer is HOSPICE and End of Life Care.  Yes, I have wanted to get involved for several years.  I even called two different years in a row and did not get the help or answers I was CADD certificatelooking for at that time.  Wow, look what I am learning with this Master Key experience.   Looking back, I now know I created that scenario,  I was not focused and my desire was not strong enough to persist.

The Plan:

Look up Suncoast Hospice online, call the number, and ask for Debra W. , a name given to me from a recent conversation.  The changes may be subtle for some, however, it was noticeable for me.  I took immediate action to call and get the information, the training dates are scheduled for January, including 4 hours of orientation and the patient and family support training for 12 hours.

With that said, the ideas are now coming again!!

The Why:

20131005_145046There is a long list of reasons for me to volunteer my massage license.  Here is a quick overview:

  • Receive continuing education credits to maintain my license.
  • Personal, as I am currently a caregiver for my grandfather and a very special neighbor.
  • Compassionate experience helping people at a very sensitive time in their lives.
  • Expand my network.
  • True service to the community.
  • Answering my hero’s  journey call to the elderly.
  • Applying my Craniosacral skills as a true gift.
  • Develop heartfelt communication skills.
  • Apply compassionate communication skills to my network marketing business.
  •  and more…….

Follow my bliss:

It is with great discovery and joy how much I am learning about myself.  I know I must be happy within before my outer world is going to be complete.  Also, I know I am happy when helping others,  and yet I do not want to give away my whole self.  It is that passion to help others and feel gratitude and love in an unique combination that gives me drive for my goals.


Week 12: Adopt a Mile


Bonding and harmony comes in more ways than one.  Week 12 is here and harmony is in the air.  As a member of the Fab 50 Women on the Run , I enjoyed a gorgeous Saturday morning participating in our “Adopt a Mile” program.

Most of our training is done running along the Pinellas Trail.   Someone in the group had the idea to take care of a one mile stretch to keep Pinellas County beautiful.  We teamed up with a few Kiwanis members and cleaned up the whole mile.


It was a beautiful cool morning.  We gathered for our briefing and rules for the program.  Gloves, buckets, trash bags, and a gadget called the “Claw” were distributed among the members.  Half of our 

Fab 50 Milegroup took the north end and half took the south end.  We were to meet in the middle, and then go for a run.

My experience was of definite gratitude for all who showed up to help.  It was my first time and our sign had just recently been put up.   I was grateful for the supplies provided, the beautiful day, the harmony as a group and the joy of service to keep the trail beautiful for all.

As we worked along the way, the bicyclers, the walkers, and the joggers noticed our work and said thank you.  Near the end of our trail, some Pinellas Trail Volunteers came along and said they had never seen the trail so clean.  They were grateful to us, and we were grateful to them as we could empty our heavy trash bags.

The Run:

When I got home, Dan was dressed and ready to go for the 6 mile run.

Although, I was not totally excited about the distance,  I had already set it in my mind as the plan for the day.   My energy level was low,  yet I was going through the motions to complete the run.  Now checking my gear for the run,  headband to absorb sweat,  sunglasses as it was late morning, polar watch, heart monitor, foot pod to track miles, and yes,  back up devices with the fitbit to count steps and at last the phone, earbuds, music, DMP etc.,  and the runkeeper app all set to start the trail.

Have you ever made a compromise in your day?  I have.  Suppose, I was going to call 6 prospects and I was a little low in energy and got a late start in the day.  Let’s just say for example of course, I decided if I just called 3 people that would be good enough for the day.   Do see you where this could go…….?

The Mirror:

Wow, Susan, take a good look at yourself.  I have 50 minutes to get to know me.  I am in the bathroom Looking_in_the_Mirror_by_EiriSoralooking in the mirror.  Who do I see?  Good question.  I am stating :  “I am a professional network marketer earning 100 k per month.”  Am I talking to myself, to my ego, to my spirit, or a fictional character?  Really!

Emotions are everywhere.  I said it so many ways, loud, soft,   p a u s i n g,    up and down with song, dancing.  Fifty minutes is a long time,  let’s see  I’m in the bathroom and the tub needs to be cleaned.   Oh yes, put passion into the words, look at your compact mirror and scrub the tub, clean the toilet, and finish with the mirror.

Now, who am I talking to in the mirror?  It seems the webinar is back on.  It seems like a different person is leaving the bathroom.  Sometime while cleaning the tub, there was a maid and there was laughter and joy.  I was out  doing coffee meetings while the maid was cleaning the tub.  Of course, the maid was in my business as well because “I visualize my to reality daily as a service to others.”

Thought for the day:

So I see, whether it is my mental diet, running, or creating my business, it is all done with thought, belief in spirit and developing a cause or a desire to take action.   This week in the Master Key System, by Haanel, statement number 22 sticks in my mind.

Things are created in the mental or spiritual world before they appear in the outward act or event.  By the simple process of governing our thought forces today, we help create the events which will come into our lives in the future, perhaps even tomorrow.  Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction.


Week 11: Contracts and Personal Responsibility

In the Beginning:

As I remember, I agreed to a 26 week MKMMA commitment.  This is one example of a loose contract.  The ground rules were laid out, I accepted the duties and responsibilities to keep up contractand maintain my scholarship.

The “old me / blueprint” is just laughing at the “new me”.  I am pulling this off with confidence and joy.  I have seen some changes in myself this past week and it had nothing and everything to do with my DMP and goals.

Yet, it was an eye opener and a clear vision of how easy change can be for me.  Taking action, living the part, and being confident and beautiful is only a mindset; it is an easy choice.

Let me review my associations with contracts and personal responsibility.

Super Model Syndrome:

This is the part not even in the scope of my Definite Major Purpose or goals for my life.  This was just a fun thing that I might possibly make a little extra money as a very part time job.

Through the great networking on facebook,  I was offered the opportunity to be a “Lifestyle Daisy Duck Modelmodel” through a local model and talent agency.  After the preliminary screening and photo session, I signed a  3 year contract.  Now, I am a professional model.

Instantly, or sooner if that is possible, I had a “burning desire” to get my nails done, order makeup, and buy new clothes.  Yes, I did all of that rather quickly and had my hair done, too.

Taking a closer look at this situation,  there is no guarantee for a paid job, if and when it happens.  However, my attitude toward life changed immediately.  I wanted to look and feel pretty.  It has been years since I have worn high heels and skirts.   In just a few days, I am wearing make up and fiddling with my hair, makeup, hose, my dress and shoes before going out the door.

What happened?  I took responsibility and assumed the position of my idea of a professional model.  After all I now have a portfolio and a contract.   I go with confidence to the model calls, can-stock-photo_csp13729941knowing I may or may not get selected for the product commercial.  I do not take it personal, because it is a business looking for specific types of models to represent a product at its finest.

Professional Network Marketer:

Let me review my network marketing history.  Yes,  I signed a contract to get started with a company.  The regulations were laid out in pages of detail,  there was no guarantee to make money, only a promise of what was possible with the company.

Looking back, I see now that I was not as excited to get started and did not assume the position of a successful network marketer.  I did not get up and go to work like a professional.  I had not set business hours and did not dress for success for the job.

At this time in my journey to acquire the proper title as a “Professional Network Marketer”, I see how I can fulfill the title quicker by just following a few of the tactics from the modeling position.female netwk mkt

It is not really so much about the dress and makeup, except to step into the mindset of earning and the decision to commit to the job of a network marketer.   I am taking a bit more time to dress and feel confident going out to the market place.  It is much more clear to me how to have fun, be myself and be an authentic network marketer.


Everybody knows it is easy to make money when work is my play.  ( I persist. )  Everybody says practice the skills for confidence.  (“Do it Now!”)   Some wives have found a way to earn fun money without giving up their responsibilities and time as a loving wife.  ( I visualize my new reality daily as a service to others.)

The End:

It is my actions that build my character.  It is my time to shine.  It is the “Gal in the Glass” to hold me accountable.  It is my associations, and belief in myself and others that expedite the process.  At last, it is feeling the emotion, being focused on my vision, and persistent action to accelerate my dream.  There is no time to waste on evaluating results.  It is continuous application of skills to create abundant results.


Week 10: Fairy Tales vs. New Reality

Once upon a time:

imagesOver my lifetime, I have seen so many princesses, queens, villains, and princes at the movies.  There has been struggle, potions, spells, love and riches.  Each story is a journey of a hero or heroine overcoming struggle with courage and faith, then ending of course, happily ever after.  Week 10 calls the heroine in me.

Stress Adaptation:  images (1)

In my journey of the “Master Keys System”, I am learning that my world within, which means my inner beliefs and thoughts, causes my world without, which is my current situation, such as job, finances, health, and my definition of success my life.   This week my world within has been challenged by several close friends and caused some stress in my world without.

Today was the climax of all of my studies, as I was grasping for which of the “Seven Laws of the Mind” I could use next.  Yes, my anger and frustration had peaked, yet I was determined to make a different choice to create a different result.   I went to my “happy place” several times to relax and calm my mind.  I wanted to forgive,  I wanted to love,  I wanted to give a gift to everyone I met, yet my actions and thoughts were not of the person I “will” become.  In other words, I have much more meditation, practice, and positive thinking to achieve (the Law of Practice).

My Reality:

It is the end of Week 10 and I’m plowing through with no turning back now.  I am thrilled to see my changes in thought.  Now I can see and hear my negative thoughts and actions.


I do forgive, I do love and I bring a gift to every person I meet.  It is my choice how loud to shout or how soft to touch.  It is truly my intention radiating from my heart that counts, it matters not their response.

Happily Ever After:

This princess has found her wonderful prince.  I focus and live “happily ever after” each day.    After all, it is my journey and my choice to sing or struggle down my path of life.


Week 9: Celebrate, Reflect, & Move Forward


It has been a fantastic week 9 in the MKMMA journey!  This week my life has been blessed in many ways.  First, I finished my second half marathon.  Second, I was surprised to have my Grandpa Dick attend Thanksgiving dinner.  At last, it is the end of the first trimester of my MKMMA course.


It seems all three events, started with a vision or idea and then proceeded to a decision, that lead to a series of activities and events.  Also, each of these events had a great support team which offers community, compliments and feedback.  Finally, it was my ultimate choice to take action accept the responsibilities, results, and physical plus emotional fluctuations from pain to joy!

The video below is not just a video of a middle aged woman finishing a race, it is more how I am approaching life in general to reach my visions and goals.  For you, the readers, from my heart to yours, I am sending love, energy, encouragement and comfort as you take on your life with new decisions and choices.  Find something you desire, and take the steps to make it happen!

Look for hints of plannig, action, persistence, celebration and forward thinking!  Enjoy!

Moving Forward:

The race is over and I continue my recovery runs as training starts in January for the next half marathon.  Thanksgiving is over, the dishes are put away, the left overs are gone and Grandpa Dick at 95 is recovering from the all day adventure.  I do not know how many more holidays he will have with us,  however, I do know my time to move my business forward is here and now.  At last, even though there is no conference call this week for the MKMMA, the path is already laid down how to stay on track and continue.

Choices, decisions and attitudes are ever evolving each day.  Weeks of small tasks, signs, exercises and meditation are really set into my mind and body now.  It is ever so clear, I am the person I am striving to become.   Already, I am.

In closing, in a seminar long ago,  I heard a saying  “If you are not growing, you are dying, there is no maintaining”.  I do not know the author, however, I do know, for me, I must stay open minded, and continue learning to fulfill my desire inside.


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