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Week 9: Celebrate, Reflect, & Move Forward

on December 2, 2013


It has been a fantastic week 9 in the MKMMA journey!  This week my life has been blessed in many ways.  First, I finished my second half marathon.  Second, I was surprised to have my Grandpa Dick attend Thanksgiving dinner.  At last, it is the end of the first trimester of my MKMMA course.


It seems all three events, started with a vision or idea and then proceeded to a decision, that lead to a series of activities and events.  Also, each of these events had a great support team which offers community, compliments and feedback.  Finally, it was my ultimate choice to take action accept the responsibilities, results, and physical plus emotional fluctuations from pain to joy!

The video below is not just a video of a middle aged woman finishing a race, it is more how I am approaching life in general to reach my visions and goals.  For you, the readers, from my heart to yours, I am sending love, energy, encouragement and comfort as you take on your life with new decisions and choices.  Find something you desire, and take the steps to make it happen!

Look for hints of plannig, action, persistence, celebration and forward thinking!  Enjoy!

Moving Forward:

The race is over and I continue my recovery runs as training starts in January for the next half marathon.  Thanksgiving is over, the dishes are put away, the left overs are gone and Grandpa Dick at 95 is recovering from the all day adventure.  I do not know how many more holidays he will have with us,  however, I do know my time to move my business forward is here and now.  At last, even though there is no conference call this week for the MKMMA, the path is already laid down how to stay on track and continue.

Choices, decisions and attitudes are ever evolving each day.  Weeks of small tasks, signs, exercises and meditation are really set into my mind and body now.  It is ever so clear, I am the person I am striving to become.   Already, I am.

In closing, in a seminar long ago,  I heard a saying  “If you are not growing, you are dying, there is no maintaining”.  I do not know the author, however, I do know, for me, I must stay open minded, and continue learning to fulfill my desire inside.


11 responses to “Week 9: Celebrate, Reflect, & Move Forward

  1. Sandra Owen says:

    Thank you for your joyous enthusiasm for life. You are an inspiration.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Sandra, I’m so excited, I am an artist! I did not know until this process started. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward when we two craft people get together and create! Much Love, Susan

  2. mizunogirl says:

    COngratulations on your Half Marathon! I hope you enjoyed it as much as it looks like you did!!!!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Mizunogirl, Each step is an opportunity to see, hear, and think about nature, people, and improve my self thinking. Also, my running group the Fab 50 is a great support system.

  3. Brent Vachon says:

    LOVE IT SUSAN!!! To Success!! Congrats on the Marathon, I know the ridiculously hard work that goes into one, awesome, and absolutely love that quote, after all what is life but Growth!!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Brent, Yes we are growing. I enjoy working on myself. As Og says. ” I will persist, I will win.” It is nice to see the door opening for winning in my life. Thank you again for the kind words.

  4. Andrew says:

    What a FUN Blog you have!! I love your outfits, slide show and you running a half marathon is an inspiring.

    Keep that AWESOME JOY you have!!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Andrew! I am really working on my artistic side with this blog, writing, and photos.

      • Andrew says:

        Well it’s definitely showing!

        I’ll have to come back again and show my support for your obvious flare for writing and creative expression. 🙂

  5. Susan, this is a wonderful piece you have written. I love the analogy of the half marathon and congratulations for your achievement…you have trained yourself and created muscle to manifest your success. I am thankful and grateful that your thanksgiving was full of joy and love….I am beginning to understand giving more to get more and this time of year is a year of bliss because of the multitude of opportunities to give to others. I love you for being heroic and staying the course ..first trimester done…BAM! Together we will finish MKMMA race….always know I am right with you in MKMMA and our winning Q team. Keep Believing and never give up till you manifest your DMP…you WILL!

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