Master Key Journey with Susan

Reflections of a new journey

Week 12: Adopt a Mile

on December 20, 2013


Bonding and harmony comes in more ways than one.  Week 12 is here and harmony is in the air.  As a member of the Fab 50 Women on the Run , I enjoyed a gorgeous Saturday morning participating in our “Adopt a Mile” program.

Most of our training is done running along the Pinellas Trail.   Someone in the group had the idea to take care of a one mile stretch to keep Pinellas County beautiful.  We teamed up with a few Kiwanis members and cleaned up the whole mile.


It was a beautiful cool morning.  We gathered for our briefing and rules for the program.  Gloves, buckets, trash bags, and a gadget called the “Claw” were distributed among the members.  Half of our 

Fab 50 Milegroup took the north end and half took the south end.  We were to meet in the middle, and then go for a run.

My experience was of definite gratitude for all who showed up to help.  It was my first time and our sign had just recently been put up.   I was grateful for the supplies provided, the beautiful day, the harmony as a group and the joy of service to keep the trail beautiful for all.

As we worked along the way, the bicyclers, the walkers, and the joggers noticed our work and said thank you.  Near the end of our trail, some Pinellas Trail Volunteers came along and said they had never seen the trail so clean.  They were grateful to us, and we were grateful to them as we could empty our heavy trash bags.

The Run:

When I got home, Dan was dressed and ready to go for the 6 mile run.

Although, I was not totally excited about the distance,  I had already set it in my mind as the plan for the day.   My energy level was low,  yet I was going through the motions to complete the run.  Now checking my gear for the run,  headband to absorb sweat,  sunglasses as it was late morning, polar watch, heart monitor, foot pod to track miles, and yes,  back up devices with the fitbit to count steps and at last the phone, earbuds, music, DMP etc.,  and the runkeeper app all set to start the trail.

Have you ever made a compromise in your day?  I have.  Suppose, I was going to call 6 prospects and I was a little low in energy and got a late start in the day.  Let’s just say for example of course, I decided if I just called 3 people that would be good enough for the day.   Do see you where this could go…….?

The Mirror:

Wow, Susan, take a good look at yourself.  I have 50 minutes to get to know me.  I am in the bathroom Looking_in_the_Mirror_by_EiriSoralooking in the mirror.  Who do I see?  Good question.  I am stating :  “I am a professional network marketer earning 100 k per month.”  Am I talking to myself, to my ego, to my spirit, or a fictional character?  Really!

Emotions are everywhere.  I said it so many ways, loud, soft,   p a u s i n g,    up and down with song, dancing.  Fifty minutes is a long time,  let’s see  I’m in the bathroom and the tub needs to be cleaned.   Oh yes, put passion into the words, look at your compact mirror and scrub the tub, clean the toilet, and finish with the mirror.

Now, who am I talking to in the mirror?  It seems the webinar is back on.  It seems like a different person is leaving the bathroom.  Sometime while cleaning the tub, there was a maid and there was laughter and joy.  I was out  doing coffee meetings while the maid was cleaning the tub.  Of course, the maid was in my business as well because “I visualize my to reality daily as a service to others.”

Thought for the day:

So I see, whether it is my mental diet, running, or creating my business, it is all done with thought, belief in spirit and developing a cause or a desire to take action.   This week in the Master Key System, by Haanel, statement number 22 sticks in my mind.

Things are created in the mental or spiritual world before they appear in the outward act or event.  By the simple process of governing our thought forces today, we help create the events which will come into our lives in the future, perhaps even tomorrow.  Educated desire is the most potent means of bringing into action the law of attraction.


14 responses to “Week 12: Adopt a Mile

  1. Sandra Owen says:

    Love it Susan. You are one busy young lady and a shining star of enthusiasm and fun. Wahoo!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Sandra, When and where , I do not know yet. However, you are the Crafty Inspiration for me. Would love to see what the craft shows are like where you are. I vote we make a plan, after you get back from Hawaii. Thank you for your friendship and inspiration. Merry Christmas!

  2. Keep on growing Susan. You are an inspiration!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Merry Christmas Alice! You live in the perfect area for yarn shops and creative fun! I look forward to visiting you sometime to add some vitality to my knitting DMP goals. I love the closeness we are developing. May you charge your DMP with emotion and joy to create a great 2014. Love, peace, and Joy to you this Season.

  3. masterkeyreflex says:

    You definitely took me on a colourful, expressive and explanatory journey that helps me with my own perception of “where the rubber meets the road” necessitating action for knowledge to be applied. Thanks 🙂

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Nancy, Thank you for enjoying the journey! The blog did not come out as I thought it would, and it must be what was truly going on at that moment. Sending you Love!

  4. Great post Susan. Great picture words.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Konstantina, I look so forward to the day you and I are having a good conversation in a beautiful location where you live. Of course, you are welcome to visit me in Florida, when you decide to come. You are so beautiful from your soul. Thank you for being connected in this group. Merry Christmas!

  5. Sue says:

    Great service provided – to yourself, to your community! A shining example of possibiilties!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Yes, community has really hit home this week. Service also. Will send a note to our group. Possibilities are everywhere. Why is it so ‘challenging’ to see our own gifts, when I look at you and the others and see all kinds of great things in each of you. Thank you again for your friendship and contributions.

  6. You go Susan!! Everything you wrote put a huge smile of gratitude on my face! Thank you!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Brad, Thank you for receiving with a smile. Enjoy writing your gratitude cards this week. May the end of December 2013 find us more excited and productive for the New Year.!

  7. As always I enjoy reading your posts. You bring things together in such a great way

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