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Week 15: Insights on Water

on January 11, 2014

Connecting Thoughts:

Well, Week 15 is here and my journey continues.  The reading this week in the Master Keys part 15 has brought so many experiences from the past to life.  As I ponder the exercise from the sit this week, based around “insight”,  I remembered a particular lesson from massage school.

Keeping in mind, the results from this MKMMA course are based directly to the amount of effort, participation and enthusiasm that “I” commit to and believe in myself.

Massage School:

Bhakti Academe School of Intuitive Massage and Healing, that is a mouthful.  Not only a mouthful,  it is where my shift in consciousness began.  I could write on for days about my experiences, truths, and skills learned at this special place, however, today it is as simple as water.

Since my first introduction to Dr. Masaru Emoto at school,  I have been more aware of words, their impact, and how words affect my life.   Now, as I am in process daily repeating affirmations, goal statements and my DMP (definite major purpose in life), the words of Haanel are bringing Dr. Emoto’s work to life.

” 14.  This leads to the inevitable conclusion that if we wish to express abundance in our lives, we can afford to think abundance only, and as words are only thoughts taking form, we must be especially careful to use nothing but constructive and harmonious language, which when finally crystallized into objective forms, will prove to our advantage.”  Haanel , part 15.14

The correlation was immediate for me.  Enjoy the video below and reevaluate some words or phrases you may hear or say through the day.

Conclusive Insights:

After a conversation with a close friend, thinking of the words above, and demanding of myself a better outcome for 2014,  I easily picked up the phone to extend business invitations.  You may be thinking, What does water have to do with a business?

Based on words to myself, and words I have heard for years from others, such as I don’t know who to invite, I don’t know how to invite, and it is hard to make cold calls,  all of those words and thoughts are from lack and poverty thinking.

Revisiting the ideas from Dr. Emoto, the video, and the continuous study in the MKMMA, caused another shift in my body of many cells made of much water.  Take in the Love,  Think in positive abundance, and Choose words carefull  that make me feel good and peaceful.  It seems all of those things are keys to my HARMONY.

When I am at peace and harmony, life, business, relationships all flow successfully.


26 responses to “Week 15: Insights on Water

  1. masterkeyreflex says:

    Brilliant, Susan, and thanks for the reminder.

  2. masterkeyreflex says:

    Reblogged this on masterkeynmills and commented:
    Oh my goodness, just think! Considering I am made up of 60-70% water, what effect are my own words having within me?

  3. Sandra Owen says:

    Brilliant post Susan. Love the water video. Definitely makes us think about the effect the words we see and read, the thoughts we have and the music we listen to affects our bodies. Thank you for your beautiful insight.

  4. Remember this????
    “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me.” As we are learning in this program, words are living messengers and have a profound effect on our psyche and, as you have pointed out, our cells! Words matter. Words are important. Magnificent R2A2 Susan:-)

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Renee, I think of all the cartoons and sitcoms I watched when I was younger. Now, that I know the subconscious does not know the difference between movies and real life, it it more important to screen selections.

  5. Sue Blaylock says:

    Susan, enjoyed the post. Thanks for the reminder that my thoughts effect every cell of my being.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Sue, Good to see you here again. Thank you. Yes, it is a reminder for me as well. ha ha. What a process we are in together. Glad you stopped by.

  6. The video is worth watching daily. Transmitting messages through out our bodies, water does a fine job. I wonder what ‘shame’ or not thinking one is worthy looks like?

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Michael for stopping by again. I have enjoyed your blog as well. Thank you for supporting my DMP and really you are in the flow of giving and receiving.

  7. mentorsusan says:

    Thank you Sandra. Yes, music is another creative side to explore. I don’t listen to it much any more, in the past yes when I dance.

  8. Von Douglas says:

    Hi Sue: I love your post keep it up. God Bless.!

  9. Really enjoy your post and getting to know about you Susan!! All the best!!

  10. Geni Witt says:

    Demanding of ourselves abundance in 2014. Thank for the reminder and wonderful video-our words are important, and they need to be clothed in the finest material! Thank you for your sweet energy, and thoughtfulness in our Master Mind Alliance. And, thank you your call and singing to me on my birthday–I loved it, and have saved it!! It definitely made my day!!

  11. David Sigler says:

    Susan you are a very good writer and you have written a most interesting piece for wk.15
    You have further opened my eyes on the effect words have on our daily lives. Thanks for a good one!!

  12. mkmmacarragc says:

    Susan you have grown so much in a short time being dedicated to your definite major purpose makes all the difference, well-chosen words give the soul a solid foundation that overflows with kindness and harmony.

    • mentorsusan says:

      It is awesome to feel that I have a purpose and can move forward on it now. Thank you for your support in my journey. I am blessed to be in the MKMMA with you.

  13. Vasi Vakil says:

    Awesome post Susan .. love it


    Vasi 🙂

  14. […] this MKMMA course are based directly to the amount of effort, participation and enthusiasm that… Read More….361 words Wow! Considering I am made up of 60-70% water, what effect are my own words having within me? What […]

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