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Week 16 Kindness: Norelco and Elephant Poop

on January 19, 2014

Character Background:

Not so long ago, in a not so far away place there lived an old man named Grandpa.  In the same not so far away place just a few short miles from Grandpa, there lived a middle aged woman named Granddaughter.  Interestingly enough,  Grandpa, at 95 years old lived alone and his family was far away.  During the same season Granddaughter lived with her husband only four miles away from Grandpa.

Grandpa was a wise, white personality, showing great kindness and gratitude for the many missionaries and charities he supported through the years.  Grandpa had lived a full life of experiences and obstacles as many people do.

Since Grandpa had  served in World War II,  he was married, divorced, remarried to Grammy, had visited many states in his lifetime.  He took care of Grammy for many years and watched her sequence of events from her broken hip at an assisted living facility,  to surgery, to recovery or “torture” as he refers to it at nursing home, a floor in a hospital to her death.

He is determined to stay at home and wants no part of any facility.  Grandpa is aging and physically declining after he had an accident at home a couple of years ago.

Granddaughter is loving, caring, and compassionate.  She has witnessed the decline in Grandpa’s health and has volunteered to help look out for him.  Granddaughter is very busy and working on her goals for her definite major purpose in life.

Granddaughter has many talents, which she does not always see in herself, however others in the MKMMA, family and friends are aware of her talents and always give her support and compliments frequently.

Current Situation:

Granddaughter goes every day with compassion to see Grandpa.  Granddaughter is very thankful for the fun, loving, compassionate, considerate caregiver name Helper,  from Home Instead, that assists Grandpa five days a week.

Being an intuitive healer by nature, Granddaughter is constantly concerned for the well being of Grandpa.  She spends usually two to four hours a day on the days the Helper is there and makes two or three trips per day and several hours serving Grandpa on the days the Helper has off.

Grandpa has lost most of his ambition, since he has been using his walker.  It is difficult for him to get around and do much while holding the walker for stabilization, not to fall.

Norelco Way to View Kindness:

The Helper had introduced Granddaughter to Grandpa’s routine including, Norelco.  After getting a simple breakfast for Grandpa, Granddaughter knows shaving is next the normal day activity for Grandpa.  She plugs in Norelco and hands it to Grandpa, who sits in his automatic recliner all day and all night, except for meals and bathroom breaks.

Norelco 2       Granddaughter watches with curiosity the first couple of times, as Grandpa manipulates the Norelco all around his face.  Grandpa has been using Norelco forever and does not use a mirror any more.  Granddaughter is amazed how he still enjoys shaving.  Occasionally she gently places a finger on his chin, or turns the razor to the proper position, so he can remove the final whiskers.

After Grandpa shaves, she washes his face, and combs his beautiful wavy gray hair into place.  Sometimes she does a quick mini hair wash as his hair has permanent “chair hair” arrangement in the back, where his head is constantly against the chair .

Then with care, a good light, and a small clean empty trash can, Granddaughter sits across from Grandpa,  just a short distance in front of him and cleans up the Norelco.

Grandpa has instructed her how the razor works, and where the cleaning brush is located, and why it is important to clean the razor.  Granddaughter then proceeds to brush off the gray whiskers and brush each intricate part with love, knowing how important it is for Grandpa to have a clean razor to shave independently with ease.  Granddaughter notices the look of gratitude from Grandpa as she diligently finishes the process and puts all the pieces together and returns it to it’s proper location.

Others may think it is too much work, or that Granddaughter does not need to be there for such lengthy periods of time.  However, Granddaughter knows that they have bonded and have a special relationship.

Grandpa has shared stories of his parents and grandparents.  He has told stories on various grandchildren and has come to love Granddaughter at a deeper level.  Grandpa often expresses his gratitude for her visits.

Elephant Poop & Kindness:

Some days Granddaughter has other appointments and people that keep her busy.  She always finds time to pop in and check on Grandpa between appointments.  She explains her day and lets him know about what time she will return and leaves a snack at his side.

One evening on her return, Grandpa greets her with an immediate story.  Grandpa says that there is a mess in the bathroom.  Grandpa smiles and goes on to say that Granddaughter should bill her last appointment for the clean up labor.  Granddaughter chuckles, knowing she had missed an important time with Grandpa that she usually spends with Grandpa and goes off to clean up the bathroom.

As it takes Granddaughter a bit of time to clean up the area, Grandpa watches as she goes back and forth with gloves and cleaning supplies.  Then just as she is finishing the final touches on the floor,  Grandpa chuckles and says ” Did you think an elephant had pooped in there?”  Granddaughter and Grandpa laugh together.                      elephant-06

Granddaughter smiles and looks lovingly at Grandpa and reminds him how grateful she is that he made back to his chair safely.  For it did not matter how many accidents, poop or clean ups were involved, as long as she found him in his chair instead of the floor upon her arrival.

Another view of Kindness:

Granddaughter knows it takes a lot of trust to laugh at poop.  She watched Grandpa give up his car, switch from everyday clothes to pajamas and sleeping in a recliner instead of bed and she still sees his dignity and pride.  She also knows that Grandpa does not really ask for anything, so when he speaks, it is usually really important or needed.

Granddaughter sees the opportunity to be with Grandpa as very special time.  She is honored to be trusted and blessed to be able to give comfort, companionship and love to her last living Grandpa.

Grandpa is old, yet his mind is still clear.  He knows he is physically declining and is somewhat embarrassed to allow others help with showering and changing clothes.  Grandpa shows kindness to Granddaughter by offering her chocolates or a nap in the other room.  It matters not to him if they talk or not. He is happy, harmonious and peaceful when Granddaughter is in the house.

Moral of the Story:

Kindness is everywhere.  It has many perspectives for the same situation.  Kindness can be recognition of a simple task or expressed with words, expressions, money or hundreds of other ways.

The exercise statement from the Master Keys sums up my thoughts for this week:

” …Bring yourself to a realization of the important fact that harmony and happiness are states of consciousness…..”  

                                       ~ Haanel,  Part 16.37

In fact kindness, harmony, and happiness are all every day state of minds.  It is a choice to call them into my life and use them constructively.


23 responses to “Week 16 Kindness: Norelco and Elephant Poop

  1. ketter1 says:

    Susan, your third party tale shows how truly kind granddaughter is. I can picture all of her love and compassion. God bless you.

    • mentorsusan says:

      This week of Kindness has really been interesting. Although I was looking for kindness in others, it seemed I really noticed my own awareness of my kindness to others. It was a beautiful chance to take it all in. Thank you for being part of my growth and journey.

  2. Beautiful Susan! You are a warm, loving, giving person! Your Grandfather is blessed to have you.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Alice. I did not say it was me in the story! You intuitive loving lady! Thank you for being part of my experience.

  3. abletsang says:

    Wow, this is beautiful and very touching. You are radiating love and light!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Able. I appreciate you chose to follow my blog for awhile. You are an inspiration to my growth in this time.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Able. It is fun to read your journey as well. May you be filled with inspiration, kindness, and the word of the week as you progress during the MKMMA.

  4. ltennigkeit says:

    This is such a sweet loving story. It brought a tear to my eye and opened my heart. It is like a celebration of the harmony of loving kindness. Thank You!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you for your Kindness in responding to my blog. I am looking forward to getting to know you during this session. I am more alive now, than ever. It is the secret of this MKMMA.

  5. Beautiful tribute to Grandfather and Granddaughter!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Michelle. This MKMMA has really helped me define my role in MLM, so that I can continue to volunteer and serve others.

  6. Geni Witt says:

    I love reading your blogs, you creatively weave your words with wonder and fun, and yet very deep and meaningful as well. I know it is sometimes hard work and time consuming to care for grandpa, but what a blessing of time, love, and stories. My heart is warm and smiling after reading about granddaughter, and grandpa.

    • mentorsusan says:

      It has been interesting since, I met another therapist in December. I believe the Blueprint Builder called her into my life, to refresh and focus my healing art talents. MLM can be an asset, to continue, I love the training at Hospice. It is preparing me for my roles to come. Much love and Kindness for your life and passions.

  7. masterkeyreflex says:

    Precious moments are memories to treasure . . . what a privilege to be able to share such times permeated with love & “the milk of human kindness” ~ my blessing to know such a writer, such an observer, a grower of virtue with deepest wells of compassion & empathy.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Nancy, I am so looking forward to meeting you in the future. Wow, two spiritual, intuitive, body workers teaming up. Look out world! Thank you for the Kind words.

  8. Sue says:

    I teared up as I read this, Susan. How wonderfully beautiful and loving! You are a blessing to many, and I count myself blessed to call you friend.

    • mentorsusan says:

      It has been a beautiful journey for me. I am still sorting how mlm is going to help me continue in my volunteering and hands on practice. Thank you for the kindness from your heart..

  9. Sandra Owen says:

    Susan your love and kindness shine. You are a beautiful person and your Grandpa loves you very much. Thank you for sharing such precious memories and thoughts. xx

  10. mkmmasusieq says:

    Susan, this is a beautiful story and it brought happiness to my heart. You are so fortunate to be able to spend so much precious time with your grandfather. Blessings to both of you.

  11. You really grabbed me with that headline!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Davene! Thank you for stopping by. I am so thrilled with this idea of blogging and creating more confidence with my words.

  12. […] is nothing more important for me at this time than to have quality time, love, and support with Grandpa.  His bloom is […]

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