Master Key Journey with Susan

Reflections of a new journey

Week 17: To Be Equals I Am

on January 26, 2014


kaleidoscope          My how time flies, when I am living in the moment!  Week 17 has been interesting as I have been a bit of an observer of others and myself.  First, my best friend from Washington state was here for a visit.  I observed her state of mind, comments, choices and scattered thinking along with her ability to make decisions.  Not only was I seeing her in a different light, the most shocking thing to myself was seeing my reflection in her.

Next, I say, that was the old me.  I am in a different place, due to the effort and devotion to this MKMMA course.  I feel the old blueprint starting to fade.  The new me is emerging with different thought patterns and actions.

Harmony With My World Within:

This is a journey for me.  The exercises, thought, lack of thought, time and participation all influence my world within.  I took one day off this week, busy with company (excuse),

Kaleidoscope_17to evaluate my inner self.  Humor is everywhere!  I know I have shifted.  Yes, company was an excuse.  Yeah!  I recognized it as an excuse.

I am calm.   I can create.  I have all the knowledge and power within me.

The basis for my self-confidence comes from all the exercises and the dedication to complete them with emotion, humor, reflection and adjustments. on any job or career.

To Be:

So, here it is according to my interpretation of the reading this week.  It is from Part Seventeen in the Master Key System.


     “….There is always the cry “to have” but   never the cry “to be”…..; it is only witunbounded self-confidence that the goal is reached.

It is all based on my desire.  I want “to have” a successful network marketing business, so I must “be” a successful network marketer.  I am not to wait until my business builds.  I am to act now, as if I have achieved my goals, which means choose actions and decisions with care and keep focused on my end goals.

I Am:

The wheels and cogs are spinning again.  Through my process of repeating affirmations,

which many read ” I am.. or I have…”,  the phrase above,  “to be” is a confirmation of  ” I am “.  This realization tells me ” I am a successful network marketer.”   Of course, if  I am being a
successful network marketer, then ”
I have” a successful business.

As the chain of events progress, then all of the above is my authentic truth and now it is just following my bliss and living with passion every minute of each day.


1309242976-13Network marketing does not have to be my one thing in life to thrive, eat, sleep and dream on.  It can be a great vehicle to provide self confidence, feed my ego, and confirm I can learn, compete and flourish in the industry.

The best part, is it will allow me to pursue my passions of volunteering, care taking, or hands on manual therapy as I choose.  It allows me freedom to give gifts, and treat others in an outward fashion that I feel from deep within.

This MKMMA has been the best class I have ever taken.  I can finish what I start.  I can focus.  Each is a choice and the new me is seeing more opportunities each day.


13 responses to “Week 17: To Be Equals I Am

  1. David Sigler says:

    Susan this was a great piece on positive progression. I loved reading about your journey and triumph.

  2. mkmmamia says:

    What a fun, positive and thought provoking post! Keep those wheels churning 🙂

    • mentorsusan says:

      Wheels are always turning! I have been missing fun in my life for a bit. It is a new leaf to uncover and enjoy each moment.

  3. masterkeyreflex says:

    “Humour” is everywhere really hits home with me,too, Susan; as you say about the fun? too true of me prior to acquiescing to the Adventure of my own Hero’s Journey, yes?

  4. Wow Susan great article thanks for sharing. You are giving me a lift with all your positive faith. Hummm… what a great way to live .

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Lee! Your comment gave me a lift as well. It is so nice to be smiling, learning and laughing with each other.!

  5. vonmasterkey says:

    Love your post, great pic. God Bless!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Glad you stopped by for a visit. I like pictures and colors. I believe it radiates with my aura and emotions. Great to connect with you in the MKMMA. Thank you for your time to read the blog.

  6. Geni Witt says:

    I always look forward to reading your insightful blog posts week to week. It is true that our self confidence gains ground through our continuous persistent exercises. Our new blue print takes hold, as our old atrophies. I love your energy and introspection, thank you for sharing…I always glean some helpful pearls to apply in my own journey.

  7. Awesome that you are having such gains… I agree that this MKMMA is an awesome experience. I feel so lucky to have met you and getting to know you better through your whimsical blog. I love the kaleidoscopes. Reminds me of when I was making them as a hobby. Fun times.

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