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Week 17 HJ: Identity Transition

on February 1, 2014

Hero’s Journey Week:

I am answering my call to life at my own pace.  Week 17-a or the Hero’s journey week has me reinforcing my beliefs through the MKMMA course so far.  Some will say this week is to reflect or review, however I am choosing to believe it is about reinforcement and strengthening my heroine within.

“Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to AnsweringtheCallmy spirit to become better than I am, and I will.  I will fan this flame of dissatisfaction and proclaim my uniqueness to the world.”    ~Scroll IV, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

Wall Flower Identity:

Remembering my youth, I once thought I was ugly, shy, stupid and no man would ever ask me to marry.  As with many other things in my life, none of the thoughts were true, except I was a bit shy (smile).               wall flower image

Here is one example, from my twenties that if I choose to apply the lessons learned, can reinforce my current journey.

I am a young woman in a small dance class.  The master teacher is awesome!  She is everything, I want to be.  She is graceful, precise, exotic, musical and has a dynamic stage presence.  Her name is Karina.

She is my second teacher of middle eastern dance.  I came to her class to learn and improve.  I stand in the back.  I am lost and confused.  It seems I really knew nothing and my confidence is shattered.

Karina sees more in me, than I knew I had.  I am totally embarrassed and my skin turns bright red, and tears well up every time she looks or calls on me.  I did not ever leave the class, though many times, it crossed my mind.

Identity Transition:  Sapphira

Time passed, isolated movements were practiced, costumes were made, and it was time to perform.  As a performer, a stage name must be given, so “Sapphira” was born.

Sapphira went on to teach beginning classes, choreograph dance routines, and performed at local clubs, festivals, and nursing homes.  She was exotic, graceful, precise, and musical.  Karina said her best characteristic was her powerful stage presence.

Now in my fifties, married for over 25 years and on my path to be my best, authentic self, I look back at Sapphira with new meaning.  She was a part of my life for many years.  The secret here, is to call on her again and invite her spirit and energy to live with color in my heart to inspire my passions!

Authentic Celebration:

Desire, imagination, and passion create my inner self!  I am being my true self.  Some days it may not be as exciting and exotic as Sapphira, however helping others, giving, and creating are passions and desires for me at this time.

Every day as I live with positive feelings and thoughts,  I am celebrating my life and my journey!


20 responses to “Week 17 HJ: Identity Transition

  1. vonmasterkey says:

    Great post Susan, Love your video. God Bless

    • mentorsusan says:

      It is fun to visit a previous chapter in my life sometimes. To look at experiences with new dimension and accept “greatness within”.
      Thank you for sharing a comment.

  2. masterkeyreflex says:

    “She is graceful, precise, exotic, musical and has a dynamic stage presence. Her name is” SAPPHIRA aka Susan Higley ~ stunning! thank you so much for sharing your incredible self 🙂

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Nancy, It was a very special time in my life. I am working toward some desire in my life on what to do now. LOL.

  3. Sandra Owen says:

    Fabulous Susan! Your dancing is wonderful. What a lovely video to have to focus on your achievements. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. jlauden says:


    You are as graceful as you thought your teacher was. That certainly is part of youir acheivement and grattitude cards.



    • mentorsusan says:

      It is a blessing and a joy to remember some achievements from my past. I know I have the power to answer the call to my own hero’s journey. Thank you for the compliment.

  5. mkmmasusieq says:

    Susan, you have developed into a very graceful and confident person. Your dance class was part of your hero’s journey even though you didn’t know it at the time. Looking back I am sure you can see this. Thanks for sharing the video. It was lovely.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you! Yes, if I can see the hero now, looking back. then I must have it in me to achieve my purpose in life. I’m delighted to be part of the journey with you.

  6. Susan, your blog is awesome. I love the dance. It is wonderful that you can draw upon your experience and the feelings of it to help build the feelings and thoughts of the now that you desire. You have such a great experience to build upon. You are doing the journey and I am glad to be doing it with you.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Lee, I am finding that I do enjoy blogging. It is easy to talk about myself, and I would like to create a crochet/knit blog. The MKMMA# is helping me reach my PPN for Recognition for Creative Expression. I am thrilled that you take the time to comment and be part of my growth. Thank you!

  7. Sue says:

    Wow!!! Susan, such grace and assurance you expressed through your dance! I’m terribly impressed with your courage to perform, and your sharing of the video now. What a gift you’ve given us.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Sue, Let me tell you it is easier to perform live, and than to dig up an archive video to share. ha ha ha! Thank you for your support and leadership in our group.

  8. wow! Talk about creative expression! Awesome that you have that on video and thank you for sharing! I absolutely loved your blog, your journey has just begun! 🙂

  9. mentorsusan says:

    HI Heather, Yes the MKMMA# is helping me reach my PPN for Recognition for Creative Expression. It seems the journey is beginning by learning to blog. Just think in 7 years I should be an excellent blogger. ha ha ha. Thank you for the love and joy you bring to my growth.

  10. Tony Profit says:

    GREAT Video…

    I actually viewed it twice!

    Thanks so much for sharing it.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Tony! It was a very special time in my life. Now I must call on that same desire and action to create a professional network marketer in myself. 🙂

  11. Jude L Davis says:

    Wow Girlfriend, the death drop blew my mind…pretty amazing! You did a beautiful job with your costume and I loved the veil routine, very creative. Your floorwork was really flowing and beautiful.
    I can relate to being in the back of the class and it took me the entire 8 weeks to finally outgrow my robot style and have a fluid hip circle…then I was hooked. I grew up quite the tomboy and was not in touch with my femininity…well belly dancing changed that…Thank You God!
    I applaud you for all your accomplishments as a performer and teacher…Bravo!
    Next time we connect we will have to compare notes on our belly dancing days. I still have my belly dance teaching videos and some costuming and jewelry…I know, lets have a belly dance party!
    Love you,

    • mentorsusan says:

      Thank you Jude! This is so fun! Look what we are learning about each other. You have been in my thoughts for awhile. Thank for the blog partner this round.

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