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Week 18: Creative Charming Power

on February 9, 2014

I Am Creative:

It is Week 18 and I am thinking about my power to create.  First I must believe I can create with power my life as I desire.  The building blocks have been laid in the  MK

MMA course.  I am focused on my DMP with many index cards surrounding me.


Just this one thing, index cards expresses and confirms I can create.  It is an idea in my mind, it is a vision how the cards will look, it is the action to make the card, and it is definitely my imagination,  emotion, voice and tone and colors that create the final outcome of a simple index card.

I Am Charming:

Oh! this is so good.  Now I believe I can create, so how do I want my power to look or feel while creating my life.  Once again my imagination acted and called in “charming” to my world within.   Reviewing  Week 18 and thinking about my power to create, let me define charming per google:

adjective Charming:

1. Pleasant or Attractive

synonyms:  delightful, pleasing, pleasant, agreeable, likable,

wed photo for charming

endearing, loving, lovable, adorable, appealing, attractive, good-looking, prepossessing, alluring, delectable, ravishing, winning, winsome, fetching, captivating, enchanting, fascinating, seductive, heavenly, divine,  and gorgeous.

Yes, I’m really liking the synonyms for my power.  It seems to cover all areas of my life from my spiritual beliefs to business, personal relationships, food, clothes, my home and  sex life.

I Am Power:

It seems from my lessons learned thus far, I am a spiritual being living in a human form.  Therefore, if spirit is a type of energy,  and energy is a source of power, then I must be a Powerfulpowerful human!!

Wow!  That is pretty cool!  Again, imagination, belief, desire all play a part in how effectively I acknowledge and use my special power.  It is through this power that my unique gifts shine to the world .

It is for me to accept and practice daily my power to become my very best to myself.  When I truly am acting, treating, and being the very best to myself is when my power radiates outward and affects others in this world.  I will call this my “authentic glow”.


It has been an amazing week.  I have seen creativity, charm, and power in so many people and circumstances.  The ability to recognize and be aware of the words, the meaning and the power that they represent shows it is already a part of me!


16 responses to “Week 18: Creative Charming Power

  1. masterkeyreflex says:

    Thank you, Susan, for “engaging” me in “whimsy” & with “wit” ~ I so appreciate and affirm your charm, power & creativity!

  2. ltennigkeit says:

    I can see and feel your Creative Charming Power and the natural Beauty of your “authentic glow” You had an amazing week because you are so amazing!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Lee. I am going to say Thank you for the nice compliment on being amazing. It is good to soak it all in. Sending you a sincere hug for your growth and dedication to our MKMMA.

  3. David Sigler says:

    Creative, Charming, Powerful and brave. Susan you put it all out there totally honest and free. Ya gotta love it.

  4. Great post Susan. I am happy for your manifestations. Thanks for sharing

    • mentorsusan says:

      HI Konstantina, I was thinking about you during my regional mlm meeting. It is truly amazing how we learn and grow from each other. Thank you for your time and dedication to this class.

  5. Sandra Owen says:

    Enjoyed your post Susan. Like your creative index card idea with the shapes. You are definitely a charming and creative woman of many talents. 🙂

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Sandra, Where does the time fly. ha ha. I have been making some different choices this week for family. Yet, close to my side are the index cards and Og. Thank you for the time you have allotted for my growth and development as well as yours.

  6. BB123 says:

    Hey I have been noticing that glow, and it is authentic! Wonderful post, creative as usual. Practice makes perfect as we do the hard work to BE. Love you Susan!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Geni, You are amazing. Thank you so much! I feel a strong connection with you. I really enjoy and appreciate your thoughts and words.

  7. Sue says:

    Great job with the R2A2, Susan! You are an amazing and impressive woman.

  8. vonmasterkey says:

    Great post Susan. God Bless

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