Master Key Journey with Susan

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Week 19: Stand Up

on February 19, 2014

Stand Up:

The things that  stand up and stand out in my mind and physical body is a good part of Week 19.   Racking my brain to get an understanding of the concepts from the Master Keys session this week and still stand in my power.

Interestingly I had a look at a you tube video about body language and power.  As I take in the speaker and content I realize Amy is repeating what I have already heard through out my life and yet she puts a unique twist on it.

Cheers to the Team:

So for my post this week my internal imagination is producing images, sounds, and posture from a very common activity.  Let the cheerleaders of the world be my example today.

Talk about reinforcement to my soul.  It resembles my activities for the MKMMA with a punch!


 So for me, my team represents: 

  • Self through my world within
  • Family how I provide through my PPN’s
  • Spirit as I am connected to all through the universal mind

Okay self this is it, my time is now, there is no tomorrow.  Live each day to my fullest and cherish each moment.  Radiate with a smile, shoulders back, and stand stall.

For my family I am to look at that “Gal in the Glass” with love and trust.  Know I have worked, played and slept with my personal pivotal needs as my focus toward my definite major purpose in life.

At last, I am spirit.  Every thought, movement, decision effects not only my world within; it also creates change in the world around me through the ether from my brain to the universe.

Finish Strong:

I am concentrating on completing this course as a basis for great new habits and growth in my life.   I am strong, I can complete what I start, and if I can write, say, and repeat it often enough I am living my dream now.


8 responses to “Week 19: Stand Up

  1. masterkeyreflex says:

    You are, indeed, Susan ~ and leading the way for countless others, I might add.

  2. Yes, Susan you can do it. We are holding hands and moving forward together!

  3. Sue says:

    Way to go, Susan! Moving together as a team, we create beauty and harmony. Love it!

  4. ltennigkeit says:

    You are making it happen. I love the way you are still digging in and going for it! I am so right there with you. Awesome post and thank you.

  5. Sandra Owen says:

    Congratulations Susan on your determination and resilience to keep going through thick and thin. You are a powerful woman of great integrity and love. xxxx

  6. David Sigler says:

    Its great to be part of a group of people that show such great examples. FINISH WHAT YOU START! Susan you are at the head of the line and a gifted teacher.

  7. vonmasterkey says:

    Great Susan keep on pushing yourself you will make it I have faith in you. God Bless!

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