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Week 20: Inspiring Me, Myself and I

on March 2, 2014

Combinations:                                                                    tgfd_grade_8_poster_decision_making_co_

It is the power to think, reflect and apply that continues to move me forward.   Week 20 has long since came and gone.  Admittingly, I am not only late with this post, I am late for the post due this week.

However, I saw my true self shine this week and now I must figure out how to take that action and passion into all areas of my life.

It is true my PPN of Helping Others drives me.  The new trick is to use this particular gift to my advantage in creating my business and my dream life.

In Week 20 I am learning how to inspire me, myself and I through combinations and associations.

Me, Myself and I:

me myself and IAs for “me”,  I see it as my mind.  The mind is the parent of my body.  The mind is the source for control, rules and security.   The mind is the authority and does it’s best to keep me safe.

Next is “myself”, which lies in my solar plexus.  It is the inner child and core within me.  Myself is full of emotion, ego, and confidence.  The child challenges the parent.  Like children do, they experiment with their own feelings and change the rules to grow.

Finally there is the “I”, which is my spirit.  Spirit is my connection to the universe.  Spirit is my imagination, my gusto for life, and my ability to continue what I have started.  Spirit is endless and seeks continually accomplishments and success.

Closing Inspiration:

How do I inspire “me, myself and I”?  It is a combination of associations and determination to ensure a fluid imagination of creation.  Then, I apply some action to create my success.  Also, it is connecting with my mastermind alliance for support and encouragement.  As my presence supports the others, in return I have continuous support for my success.

It is taking the time to sit and think that makes my mind grow stronger to improve “Me”.  As my stronger mind improves, the child offers laughter and challenges to create a unique succes choice“Myself”.  Then, with a determined spirit, it rounds out my “I” to be the perfect someone that I am.

Wow! with that combination of people and spirit working together, I can create my desired life of success and dreams do come true.

It is great to have the opportunity to grow, the ability to choose, and the desire to go after my dreams. That in itself is success!






8 responses to “Week 20: Inspiring Me, Myself and I

  1. heatherplude says:

    I loved your pictures and your words this week… what a great blog. So glad I stopped by today because it looks like this blog just went up today. Sending love and light your way… make time for the sits. That really is the key in any situation. But you know that.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Heather, Wow! You make me smile in so many ways. Thank you for the “sit” reminder. It is helping me again. Glad I could give you a lift with the pictures and words. Love!!, Hugs, and Smiles.

  2. rehomesaver says:

    Hi Susan, How wonderful to see you living your dreams. Love your screen capture using the colors. Peace be the journey.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Shelia, It is great to connect with you again! Thanks for the support, I’m following you this session! Much Love.

  3. jlauden says:


    You may be behind in the post but you are way ahead in your thought process. The analogy of your mind being the parent of your body was perfect and i will continue to think of it in that way myself.



  4. mentorsusan says:

    Hi John, Thank you for taking time to share your energy and love!

  5. Jude L Davis says:

    Hi Susan,
    I totally understand where you are coming from…I’m late too…It happens to the best of us!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Well, the best may be saved for the last! ha ha! We are doing this together. Hugs, and imagination for your next post, too!

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