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Week 22: Silence, The Most Intimate Connection

on March 9, 2014

Noticing Silence:

Being silent to feel a connection with “Him” is the exercise for Week 22.  Let your imagination run wild on Silencewhat “Him” means for you.  This phrase stumped me the first day I read it.  However, I am choosing to write on how it corresponds to the Master Keys System and the Universal energy that is ever present and always available.

Some people pray in silence or out loud to God, or their higher spirit of belief.  For this matter, I will call “Him” God.   Interesting that my connection can be in silence to ask, speak, or praise and that I can receive answers in the silence as well.

Executing Silent Practice:

Reviewing my beginnings with this course, as I started with a 15 minute sit or meditation.  Even though it was a bit difficult in the beginning with regular practice it is easy now.

Other than a formal sit, some ways of being quiet or silent have been in my life for many years.  For example, much of the time I drive without the radio or music.  I prefer not to have the TV playing and I enjoy just knitting without conversation.  I have participated in yoga class and meditations and first learned about being silent from Personal Mastery from K & A.

Benefits of Silence:

The most intimate connection is Silence.  Here are a few benefits that I have discovered for myself.  It is the recognition of energy!  You are wondering how being silent and energy are connected.  It is through the silence that I experience energy and a deep connection to myself and others.

Depending on the situation, determines how I can use silence for my advantage to get through a process or be more productive.  Energy is everywhere, I believe there is no difference between good and bad energy,

magic carpet

it  is just energy and it is the emotion you attach to it that counts.

Silence, concentration and focus all seem to be related for me.  I do my best work and create my best ideas when I am in a quiet setting in the house or perhaps a quiet walk or sit outside with nature.  It is a time when my imagination is open for a magic carpet ride and all things are possible.

The Ultimate Communication:

perfect day quotes


So on this space, I close with the ultimate communication with “Him” , myself , and time.  It matters not if it is a moment, hours or days, it mostly matters that I recognize and practice daily this silent communication within myself to create a perfect day.


15 responses to “Week 22: Silence, The Most Intimate Connection

  1. Sue says:

    How wonderful that you’ve recognized that when we communicate with the Universal Mind, we have the perfect day. Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Jude L Davis says:

    Silence is Golden Isn’t it! And you gotta Love the days without technology!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Yes, the good and the bad of a techy life. Thank goodness I have a techy husband to help me stay up to date. Looking forward to a vacation in April to peace in quiet in the Smokey mountains.

  3. BB123 says:

    Oh Susan, I drive without the radio too. Started about a year ago, when my sister was unemployed, and used I that time to talk to God on her behalf. I’ve continued using that time as a special time to talk to God. I agree with Jude, silence is golden…we can get so wrapped up in technology.

  4. jlauden says:


    Interesting take on energy. No bad energy or good energy just energy and what we make of it.. I like it! Hope you don’t mind if I continue to use it. I found this to be a relaxing read. I am not sure why but I did.

    Thanks for the nice work. Kudos!


  5. johaira1 says:

    I enjoyed your post very much; I never knew there was so much power in silence until I started to get into meditating as well.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Johaira, Thank you for stopping by to support my blog. You are doing great with your mediations. Look forward to seeing you again. We will have to reconnect since we will be new peeps by then. LOL!

  6. masterkeyreflex says:

    Hey, Susan, another thing we share, I’m a Klemmer Personal Mastery graduate as well! Trust you are finding your “be still” spot throughout these days with your grandpa.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Nancy, We will have another chat on K & A sometime. Yes, the sits and this course help me a lot just being and holding hands with Grandpa. It is a beautiful sacred time.

  7. Sandra Owen says:

    What a lovely post Susan. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I like your comment too about energy being neither good not bad, but what we choose to make it.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Sandra, It has been an interesting week, seeing and hearing silence in my thought process, through the description of the spiritual world that Grandpa is experiencing.

  8. I agree fully with your observations! Well done!

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