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Week 22A: A Life Long Cast On

on March 19, 2014

Journey Overview:

yellow-brick-roadWhat? A week of self- direction and how does that apply to me?  Week 22 A is a combination of review and preparation.  I have been given an outline, a schedule, tasks, and multiple readings.  Habits have been formed or at least started, priorities and decisions have been made with positive non-judgmental thoughts, and actions or non actions have moved me forward to seeing my true colors and my real self.

Now I am going to weave a tale and play on words as I continue down the “Yellow Brick Road” to taking action on my own self direction.

Seasons of Color:

In knitting, you begin a project by casting on the yarn onto the needles.  Many times a “long tail cast on” is appropriate.  Week 22 A is clearly about my “Life Long Cast On“.  Starting the journey thinking this was a 26 week course and now seeing it is really a life long journey.    seasons

Og states in Scroll VI:

” The tides advance; the tides recedes.  Winter goes and summer comes.  Summer wanes and the cold increases….Flowers bloom; flowers fade.  Seeds are sown; harvests are reaped….My moods will rise; my moods will fall.

Today I will be master of my emotions.”

For me desires come; desires go. However, one thing that remains constant is my focus for the priority or task at hand.  Family is here, and family is gone.  There is nothing more important for me at this time than to have quality time, love, and support with Grandpa.  His bloom is fading.

Silence and Creation:

Taking advantage of the silence as Grandpa sleeps, I have time to focus my energy on creating a project, while monitoring his breathing patterns.  This time allows me to reflect on my business decisions and take a close look at my own timeline.

yarn ballContinuing my habit of a daily sit of at least 15 minutes of stillness and quiet time, works cumulatively on  thoughts and actions to accomplish my dreams and goals.  Another way to look at it is like a ball of variegated yarn.  Looking at the colors in the yarn ball, I do not know how often the colors will change or the pattern they might create.  However, as I continue to knit and create my project the results start to show in a magnificent pattern.  When the ball comes to an end, I have the choice of starting another ball in the same color sequence, changing the color all together or just attaching to see what colors fall next.  So whatever I choose, I am still creating.

Therefore, the sit is ongoing.  My plans and goals may change as the ideas of my life adapt to current situations and to build out how I want to live the next 20- 40 years of my life.

Final Project:

Just like knitting, when one project is complete another gets started so goes my goals and dreams.  Sometimes, I have 2 or more projects going at once as I work to design different areas in my life to feel and be complete to fulfill my world within.   glove

Actually there is never a final project, because I know I am creating and changing as long as I breathe.  May the projects continue with imagination and desire!  My life is my design!


21 responses to “Week 22A: A Life Long Cast On

  1. Kathy Zimmer says:

    Another great blog Susan!

    • mentorsusan says:

      Oh Kathy, I am ready for something! ha ha ha! I am in the final stretch of the MKMMA. Thank you for your support!

  2. jlauden says:

    Susan, Great analogy using knitting and creating new life. It appears to me that we will be in the after life when this is over and it remains a life long project as you suggest.

    Thanks for a really fine blog……………and I need some gloves for nest winter.

    John D.

  3. I see you are cherishing the moments with your grandpa! GOD BLESS

    • mentorsusan says:

      Yes, the time has been precious with him. He has now transitioned to a Peaceful, Joyful place. Thank you for participating in my journey.

  4. My Mother knits, I understand the patience and fortitude involves so equating it ti changing the Blueprint is very correct… loved the post

  5. heatherplude says:

    I absolutely love the glove in the picture. The rainbow of colors is so fun and exciting… just like a life well lived! I am sure now is a great time to reflect on a great life that is fading but will never be forgotten. God bless you and Grandpa during this difficult time!

  6. mentorsusan says:

    Hi Heather, The hours of silence are many here at Grandpa’s. The gloves are for Dan, when he gives platelets at the blood bank. I was looking for some fun bloody type colors. ha ha.

    I am so blessed and honored to have this time with Grandpa. Thank you for reading my blog.

  7. BB123 says:

    Susan, wonderful thoughts. Your artfulness shows in your writing as well as your knitting talent. I was afforded the Liberty of two weeks with my dad last April before he stepped onto Heaven’s shore. What a treasure to be with your Grandpa, and I know you are cherishing every moment. Love you Susan. xoxo

  8. Sandra Owen says:

    You are so right Susan, we are never complete because we are always learning and growing. Love how you have used your knitting to illustrate such an important point. Thoughts are with you and Grandpa xxxx

  9. masterkeyreflex says:

    Precious moments treasured in Silence, breathing together, creative expression colourfully knits you together forever in gossamer strands, Grandpa and you. Thank you so much for such transparency, Susan, know you are loved.

  10. Beautiful Susan! You “Get it”. Love the varigated yarn analogy too! Hugs Ladybug!

  11. Jude Davis says:

    I love your colors,,,What a great post and what fun gloves! Sending you Love!

  12. Susan, I am missing you and your lovely posts. I hope all is well with you and your family!

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