Master Key Journey with Susan

Reflections of a new journey

Who is Susan Higley?

IMG_3986Susan Higley is a loving wife, married to her husband, Dan Higley for 26 plus years.  They work together as a team developing their home based business.

Susan is a true health care professional providing over 30 years of service to her clients.

She is recognized for her talents in the network marketing industry.  She is a mentor and leader for her team,
as well as helping others in different organizations find success in network marketing.

Her passion for wellness shows in many areas of her life from
starting as a dental hygienist, to practicing craniosacral therapy, to promoting natural
health products, and running in half marathonsIMG_0428

Susan enhances her natural ability to smile to make others feel calm, loved and accepted.

She practices daily disciplines in personal development by incorporating meditation, written goals,
and vocal affirmations to be her best vibrant self for each day.

She continually seeks out the highest quality of information to incorporate into her life and
bring value to her team.

On the personal side, Susan loves spending time with her husband and her three cats. She enjoys layering her
business activities with her husband and creates opportunities to do business with travel, visit family and friends, and see
exotic locations around the world.


2 responses to “Who is Susan Higley?

  1. masterkeyreflex says:

    Love that smile, Susan ~ I’m sure it enhances any situation, circumstance or environment you inhabit, along with whoever crosses your path. What a gift you are, to your husband, family, cats, us & the world. So glad to be masterminding with you!

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