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photo_fallColors_4_lgIt is October, the fall foliage is at it’s peak at Mt. Rainier National Park.  Dan and I are returning for the fifth year to celebrate the anniversary since we took our first adventurous climb to the 14,410 foot peak of Mt. Rainier, the highest point in Washington.  We have gathered family and friends together for quality time to enjoy the serene atmosphere and array of activities available at this special place.

We are blessed to meet Haley Grigereit of Tampa Bay News 9 for a casual interview.  We welcome her to the celebration and delight in making her reporting trip relaxing, fun, and memorable.

As Haley prepares her equipment for the interview she pauses to take in the majestic glory of the mountain and valley.  She gasps inhaling the cool, crisp air and gathers her words as the clouds of breath float from her lips as she speaks.

” I can see why you have chosen this mountain paradise for a celebration.  Please tell me a story how you got started and your journey of living this rustic, romantic, and peaceful life.”

As we take our places around the warm fire pit on the comfortable benches overlooking the valley and trails, the view encompasses deer grazing in the highly colored fields and we hear someone in the background say ” did you see the cute bears just past the bridge beyond the waterfall.”

“I will start with my version and Dan can add his thoughts as we go along.  First, let me welcome you to this sacred place with a small gift.”

She opens the simply wrapped package with a single ribbon with a hand tied bow.  Her eyes open wide with pleasure as her fingers stroke the colorful super soft fibers in shades of autumn.  It is an original knitted scarf, I designed and it is even functional for a cool day in Florida.

I begin the story,

” I started out in this networking industry putzing around.  Dan and I both had good jobs.  As time passed burnout from the dental hygiene world and long hours away from home for massage set in.  My desire to be home with Dan, have time with family and friends became extremely important.

After bouncing around from a few companies and complaining about the products, team, and training, I started my personal development journey.  It was a real moment when I discovered my negative thinking ruled my life and poor results in all areas of my life.  Since that time, I have experienced many seminars, classes, coaches, and systems to prepare my thoughts and inner soul for what was coming.

About age 50, I found a real system and real people to help me focus.  I believe this mountain is so special because it represents much of my life.  How do you climb Mt. Rainier?

It is done by desire, one step at a time, preparation, then most important applying action to reach the top.  At the top the view is filled with gratitude, emotions, peace, and beauty that is beyond awesome. The real secret is enjoying the sequence of steps along the way.  Take a class, invest with some professional instruction, learn what to wear, what to pack and watch the increased performance in strength and endurance to reach the peak.

It was the same with my home business.  I had no skills, no confidence and not even a real desire to make it work until I decided to invest some time with myself and get involved with ‘Go 90 Grow’.  It was time for me to design my life and have my husband home to work with me and enjoy quality time, and do lots of fun things together.

Setting out on our quest for a new career in network marketing, we attended an event in Hawaii.  I will be the first to admit, I was still not one of those fast starters in business.  However, through studying “Think and Grow Rich” and the “Master Keys System”,  and finally taking responsibility to be coached, life started to change rapidly.

My desire to have Dan home, travel as we choose, and develop my creative skills in needlework became an obsession.  Network marketing was exactly the vehicle to get me quickly into a place of intimacy and bliss with Dan and my hobbies.”

Now sitting back to take a sip of hot chocolate, I look over at my handsome husband there we sit as silly as it may seem, in matching sweaters and I still have my travel tote stashed with needles and yarn at my side.

Dan takes that moment to add

“I knew she could do it when her mind got clear.  She has a fabulous personality.”

Then he says with a chuckle ” I really enjoy all the fun places she takes me.”

I continue

“Yes we have just completed a series of 90 day blitz sessions, which means we have been working in 90 day intervals with full focus and energy developing our teams around the country.  We have been making calls with leaders, teaching, coaching and helping them develop their teams and leaders.   It is thrilling to see the leadership and desire the leaders have showing results in creating their dreams and helping others create and reach dreams.  We are blessed that our business stays in the flow of giving and receiving.

On that note I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to our teachers and mentors Mark J, the Fab Davene, and Tom “Big Al” Schrieter. For they were patient and believed in us.  They truly execute the art of living in service and gratitude to others.

So it is at Mt. Rainier, her glory and beauty is where I feel the closet to my God and  I refresh, recover, and celebrate with family.  It fills my soul with energy to continue to share, and contribute gifts to others.

It is a wonderful sanctuary to gather and explore the gifts of this earth.  There is something for everyone.  We have hiked IMG_7450most all the trails,  water rafted down the river, seen the waterfalls, climbed Pinnacle Peak, taken on the 4 Day Summit of her majesty, Mt. Rainier and attended local festivals.   We are blessed and continue to bless others.”

Haley is speechless and her desire and hunger shows in her eyes.

As I was taught, always be collecting a decision.  So, I say,

“Haley,  Your wonderful personality makes it look easy to be a reporter.  By the way, Have you found the business that will take care of you and your family for the rest of your life?”


14 responses to “Press Release

  1. Awesome post Susan! I like the sequence of steps analogy, seeing we have a similar path 😉 Hope all is well with you and Dan in Florida!

  2. abletsang says:

    Beautiful!! You and Darn are so adorable!!

    • abletsang says:

      **Dan, I was too excited from reading your press release and was typing too fast 😀

      • mentorsusan says:

        Thank you, I am so looking forward to reading and learning about the others in our group too. This really is rocking my world within.

  3. As you know, Susan, I have said before, you have a talent for writing and it certainly shows here. Your phrases keep all your thoughts flowing, and draw the reader on. You’ve made it easy to picture where you are and what you’re doing. It was a pleasure reading this. Consider doing more writing in any capacity. You’re a winner!

  4. Great writing. I really enjoyed reading your press release.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Mario, I really appreciate your input and respect the time you took to look, read, and write a special note to me. Thank you!

  5. Tommy Dale says:

    Susan, I can certainly feel your love and passion in this article ! Wow Mt. Rainier ! That’s awesome , I love it . Go for it.
    And remember don’t let anyone EVER steal your dreams!!

  6. masterkeyreflex says:

    Susan, fall is my favorite season! How inspiring to envision you, your husband & family making that hike a a regular, battery-charging trek. “It’s where I feel closest to my God” Is there a better environment in which to find one’s heart welling with praise?

    I love the 90 day burst idea . . . would like to mastermind more around that one, for sure. Congratulations on your “architecture” here, so evocative.

    • mentorsusan says:

      Hi Nancy, Again thank you for the kind words. I would love to chat and get to know you better and mastermind as well. Merry Christmas!

  7. ltennigkeit says:

    Well done. You painted a fantastic picture and so easy to believe and be inspired by

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