Master Key Journey with Susan

Reflections of a new journey

Week 20: Inspiring Me, Myself and I

Combinations:                                                                    tgfd_grade_8_poster_decision_making_co_

It is the power to think, reflect and apply that continues to move me forward.   Week 20 has long since came and gone.  Admittingly, I am not only late with this post, I am late for the post due this week.

However, I saw my true self shine this week and now I must figure out how to take that action and passion into all areas of my life.

It is true my PPN of Helping Others drives me.  The new trick is to use this particular gift to my advantage in creating my business and my dream life.

In Week 20 I am learning how to inspire me, myself and I through combinations and associations.

Me, Myself and I:

me myself and IAs for “me”,  I see it as my mind.  The mind is the parent of my body.  The mind is the source for control, rules and security.   The mind is the authority and does it’s best to keep me safe.

Next is “myself”, which lies in my solar plexus.  It is the inner child and core within me.  Myself is full of emotion, ego, and confidence.  The child challenges the parent.  Like children do, they experiment with their own feelings and change the rules to grow.

Finally there is the “I”, which is my spirit.  Spirit is my connection to the universe.  Spirit is my imagination, my gusto for life, and my ability to continue what I have started.  Spirit is endless and seeks continually accomplishments and success.

Closing Inspiration:

How do I inspire “me, myself and I”?  It is a combination of associations and determination to ensure a fluid imagination of creation.  Then, I apply some action to create my success.  Also, it is connecting with my mastermind alliance for support and encouragement.  As my presence supports the others, in return I have continuous support for my success.

It is taking the time to sit and think that makes my mind grow stronger to improve “Me”.  As my stronger mind improves, the child offers laughter and challenges to create a unique succes choice“Myself”.  Then, with a determined spirit, it rounds out my “I” to be the perfect someone that I am.

Wow! with that combination of people and spirit working together, I can create my desired life of success and dreams do come true.

It is great to have the opportunity to grow, the ability to choose, and the desire to go after my dreams. That in itself is success!






Week 19: Stand Up

Stand Up:

The things that  stand up and stand out in my mind and physical body is a good part of Week 19.   Racking my brain to get an understanding of the concepts from the Master Keys session this week and still stand in my power.

Interestingly I had a look at a you tube video about body language and power.  As I take in the speaker and content I realize Amy is repeating what I have already heard through out my life and yet she puts a unique twist on it.

Cheers to the Team:

So for my post this week my internal imagination is producing images, sounds, and posture from a very common activity.  Let the cheerleaders of the world be my example today.

Talk about reinforcement to my soul.  It resembles my activities for the MKMMA with a punch!


 So for me, my team represents: 

  • Self through my world within
  • Family how I provide through my PPN’s
  • Spirit as I am connected to all through the universal mind

Okay self this is it, my time is now, there is no tomorrow.  Live each day to my fullest and cherish each moment.  Radiate with a smile, shoulders back, and stand stall.

For my family I am to look at that “Gal in the Glass” with love and trust.  Know I have worked, played and slept with my personal pivotal needs as my focus toward my definite major purpose in life.

At last, I am spirit.  Every thought, movement, decision effects not only my world within; it also creates change in the world around me through the ether from my brain to the universe.

Finish Strong:

I am concentrating on completing this course as a basis for great new habits and growth in my life.   I am strong, I can complete what I start, and if I can write, say, and repeat it often enough I am living my dream now.


Week 18: Creative Charming Power

I Am Creative:

It is Week 18 and I am thinking about my power to create.  First I must believe I can create with power my life as I desire.  The building blocks have been laid in the  MK

MMA course.  I am focused on my DMP with many index cards surrounding me.


Just this one thing, index cards expresses and confirms I can create.  It is an idea in my mind, it is a vision how the cards will look, it is the action to make the card, and it is definitely my imagination,  emotion, voice and tone and colors that create the final outcome of a simple index card.

I Am Charming:

Oh! this is so good.  Now I believe I can create, so how do I want my power to look or feel while creating my life.  Once again my imagination acted and called in “charming” to my world within.   Reviewing  Week 18 and thinking about my power to create, let me define charming per google:

adjective Charming:

1. Pleasant or Attractive

synonyms:  delightful, pleasing, pleasant, agreeable, likable,

wed photo for charming

endearing, loving, lovable, adorable, appealing, attractive, good-looking, prepossessing, alluring, delectable, ravishing, winning, winsome, fetching, captivating, enchanting, fascinating, seductive, heavenly, divine,  and gorgeous.

Yes, I’m really liking the synonyms for my power.  It seems to cover all areas of my life from my spiritual beliefs to business, personal relationships, food, clothes, my home and  sex life.

I Am Power:

It seems from my lessons learned thus far, I am a spiritual being living in a human form.  Therefore, if spirit is a type of energy,  and energy is a source of power, then I must be a Powerfulpowerful human!!

Wow!  That is pretty cool!  Again, imagination, belief, desire all play a part in how effectively I acknowledge and use my special power.  It is through this power that my unique gifts shine to the world .

It is for me to accept and practice daily my power to become my very best to myself.  When I truly am acting, treating, and being the very best to myself is when my power radiates outward and affects others in this world.  I will call this my “authentic glow”.


It has been an amazing week.  I have seen creativity, charm, and power in so many people and circumstances.  The ability to recognize and be aware of the words, the meaning and the power that they represent shows it is already a part of me!


Week 17 HJ: Identity Transition

Hero’s Journey Week:

I am answering my call to life at my own pace.  Week 17-a or the Hero’s journey week has me reinforcing my beliefs through the MKMMA course so far.  Some will say this week is to reflect or review, however I am choosing to believe it is about reinforcement and strengthening my heroine within.

“Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to AnsweringtheCallmy spirit to become better than I am, and I will.  I will fan this flame of dissatisfaction and proclaim my uniqueness to the world.”    ~Scroll IV, The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

Wall Flower Identity:

Remembering my youth, I once thought I was ugly, shy, stupid and no man would ever ask me to marry.  As with many other things in my life, none of the thoughts were true, except I was a bit shy (smile).               wall flower image

Here is one example, from my twenties that if I choose to apply the lessons learned, can reinforce my current journey.

I am a young woman in a small dance class.  The master teacher is awesome!  She is everything, I want to be.  She is graceful, precise, exotic, musical and has a dynamic stage presence.  Her name is Karina.

She is my second teacher of middle eastern dance.  I came to her class to learn and improve.  I stand in the back.  I am lost and confused.  It seems I really knew nothing and my confidence is shattered.

Karina sees more in me, than I knew I had.  I am totally embarrassed and my skin turns bright red, and tears well up every time she looks or calls on me.  I did not ever leave the class, though many times, it crossed my mind.

Identity Transition:  Sapphira

Time passed, isolated movements were practiced, costumes were made, and it was time to perform.  As a performer, a stage name must be given, so “Sapphira” was born.

Sapphira went on to teach beginning classes, choreograph dance routines, and performed at local clubs, festivals, and nursing homes.  She was exotic, graceful, precise, and musical.  Karina said her best characteristic was her powerful stage presence.

Now in my fifties, married for over 25 years and on my path to be my best, authentic self, I look back at Sapphira with new meaning.  She was a part of my life for many years.  The secret here, is to call on her again and invite her spirit and energy to live with color in my heart to inspire my passions!

Authentic Celebration:

Desire, imagination, and passion create my inner self!  I am being my true self.  Some days it may not be as exciting and exotic as Sapphira, however helping others, giving, and creating are passions and desires for me at this time.

Every day as I live with positive feelings and thoughts,  I am celebrating my life and my journey!


Week 17: To Be Equals I Am


kaleidoscope          My how time flies, when I am living in the moment!  Week 17 has been interesting as I have been a bit of an observer of others and myself.  First, my best friend from Washington state was here for a visit.  I observed her state of mind, comments, choices and scattered thinking along with her ability to make decisions.  Not only was I seeing her in a different light, the most shocking thing to myself was seeing my reflection in her.

Next, I say, that was the old me.  I am in a different place, due to the effort and devotion to this MKMMA course.  I feel the old blueprint starting to fade.  The new me is emerging with different thought patterns and actions.

Harmony With My World Within:

This is a journey for me.  The exercises, thought, lack of thought, time and participation all influence my world within.  I took one day off this week, busy with company (excuse),

Kaleidoscope_17to evaluate my inner self.  Humor is everywhere!  I know I have shifted.  Yes, company was an excuse.  Yeah!  I recognized it as an excuse.

I am calm.   I can create.  I have all the knowledge and power within me.

The basis for my self-confidence comes from all the exercises and the dedication to complete them with emotion, humor, reflection and adjustments. on any job or career.

To Be:

So, here it is according to my interpretation of the reading this week.  It is from Part Seventeen in the Master Key System.


     “….There is always the cry “to have” but   never the cry “to be”…..; it is only witunbounded self-confidence that the goal is reached.

It is all based on my desire.  I want “to have” a successful network marketing business, so I must “be” a successful network marketer.  I am not to wait until my business builds.  I am to act now, as if I have achieved my goals, which means choose actions and decisions with care and keep focused on my end goals.

I Am:

The wheels and cogs are spinning again.  Through my process of repeating affirmations,

which many read ” I am.. or I have…”,  the phrase above,  “to be” is a confirmation of  ” I am “.  This realization tells me ” I am a successful network marketer.”   Of course, if  I am being a
successful network marketer, then ”
I have” a successful business.

As the chain of events progress, then all of the above is my authentic truth and now it is just following my bliss and living with passion every minute of each day.


1309242976-13Network marketing does not have to be my one thing in life to thrive, eat, sleep and dream on.  It can be a great vehicle to provide self confidence, feed my ego, and confirm I can learn, compete and flourish in the industry.

The best part, is it will allow me to pursue my passions of volunteering, care taking, or hands on manual therapy as I choose.  It allows me freedom to give gifts, and treat others in an outward fashion that I feel from deep within.

This MKMMA has been the best class I have ever taken.  I can finish what I start.  I can focus.  Each is a choice and the new me is seeing more opportunities each day.


Week 15: Insights on Water

Connecting Thoughts:

Well, Week 15 is here and my journey continues.  The reading this week in the Master Keys part 15 has brought so many experiences from the past to life.  As I ponder the exercise from the sit this week, based around “insight”,  I remembered a particular lesson from massage school.

Keeping in mind, the results from this MKMMA course are based directly to the amount of effort, participation and enthusiasm that “I” commit to and believe in myself.

Massage School:

Bhakti Academe School of Intuitive Massage and Healing, that is a mouthful.  Not only a mouthful,  it is where my shift in consciousness began.  I could write on for days about my experiences, truths, and skills learned at this special place, however, today it is as simple as water.

Since my first introduction to Dr. Masaru Emoto at school,  I have been more aware of words, their impact, and how words affect my life.   Now, as I am in process daily repeating affirmations, goal statements and my DMP (definite major purpose in life), the words of Haanel are bringing Dr. Emoto’s work to life.

” 14.  This leads to the inevitable conclusion that if we wish to express abundance in our lives, we can afford to think abundance only, and as words are only thoughts taking form, we must be especially careful to use nothing but constructive and harmonious language, which when finally crystallized into objective forms, will prove to our advantage.”  Haanel , part 15.14

The correlation was immediate for me.  Enjoy the video below and reevaluate some words or phrases you may hear or say through the day.

Conclusive Insights:

After a conversation with a close friend, thinking of the words above, and demanding of myself a better outcome for 2014,  I easily picked up the phone to extend business invitations.  You may be thinking, What does water have to do with a business?

Based on words to myself, and words I have heard for years from others, such as I don’t know who to invite, I don’t know how to invite, and it is hard to make cold calls,  all of those words and thoughts are from lack and poverty thinking.

Revisiting the ideas from Dr. Emoto, the video, and the continuous study in the MKMMA, caused another shift in my body of many cells made of much water.  Take in the Love,  Think in positive abundance, and Choose words carefull  that make me feel good and peaceful.  It seems all of those things are keys to my HARMONY.

When I am at peace and harmony, life, business, relationships all flow successfully.


Week 14: Unveiling the Unicorn

The Search:

It is just past the hump, Week 14 of 26 weeks in the MKMMA.  Reading, assignments, posters, tricks, and games have all been applied in various methods to bring out the best in me for my life journey.

Interestingly enough, my husband, Dan and I just watched a couple of movies over the holidays to see how others dream, pursue, mastermind, and create their lifetime goals.   At home we watched “Cool Runnings”  and at the movie theater we saw “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.  Both movies were displayed creatively and with emotion showing the circle of a Hero’s Journey.

The Mindset:

As an observer of myself and others during the this journey, I have noticed my own ups and downs with my “homework”, life, and desire.  This week a new chapter in the “Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino was started, I went to a local university to explore some options, and I have started a new healthy eating plan.  So let me review my mindset!  Ha ha ha!

What I discovered for myself was it is easy to be happy and positive, when I like what I read, like what I see and hear, and like what I eat.  The next step for me is just to be happy and positive all the time.  There is no need to give “dislikes” any time or emotion.  Just let those thoughts pass through and concentrate and focus on my end results.

The Unicorn:

It is now 2014!  I feel joyous and refreshed.  One of the biggest contributing factors comes from “Scroll IV” from Og.  A big notice for me was that I did not like the previous scroll.  Even though I did get the meaning and there were many good points.  However, when this chapter started with

                     ” I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

Joy, smiles, relief and a sense of lightheartedness came across my being.  Signals from the “Master Keys” were connecting and vibrating through my body.  As I continued reading about my uniqueness, my gift showing individuality, and the fact that I have value, visions of a great mysterious, beautiful and rare unicorn came to mind.

I am:                                images (1)

It is true:  ” I am a unique creature of nature.”  Thank you again, Og!  In effort to sink this belief into myself, I added the last two quotes to my index cards.  I am in harmony with the Universal Mind.  I am gifted in all that I do.  I am grateful for living at this time and discovering all the depths of my soul and imagination.  I am more powerful, more beautiful and more gifted than a unicorn.  I am real.  I am living now, in the now.


Week 13: Defining Service and Finding Bliss

Thoughts of Service:

It is the week of Christmas, week 13 of the MKMMA journey, and recognition of my spirit with constructive thought.  I have been questioning my participation, efforts and desires for my life.  The sit has become my “fix” for the day.  A time to think and view clarity for my day.  My thoughts this week have been around service.

What does “service” really mean to me?

How to  consciously apply “service” in a systematic direction?

Defining Service for Susan:

Service defined by Susan,  helping others, giving quality to actions involved in helping others. 20130301_133658 Giving an item in exchange for pure satisfaction, money, time, or love.  I’m sure I could write an entire article just on this subject, however, that defines my point today.

Conscious Application:

It all begins with the 15 minute sit, aka meditation.  The idea comes, and immediate choices are made, either eliminate the thought or make a plan to act on it.  Skipping over all the possibilities of imagination during the sit, “Conscious Application” comes with, yes, acting on that thought.  Taking action to research, define, plan, and make some dates on my calendar for actually applying the knowledge acquired into action.

The Idea:

It came.  It was there all the time.  It had been forgotten, put on hold, and got pushed down to the bottom of the priority list, until I had more time and money.  Ha!  Have you ever postponed something for those reasons?

The answer is HOSPICE and End of Life Care.  Yes, I have wanted to get involved for several years.  I even called two different years in a row and did not get the help or answers I was CADD certificatelooking for at that time.  Wow, look what I am learning with this Master Key experience.   Looking back, I now know I created that scenario,  I was not focused and my desire was not strong enough to persist.

The Plan:

Look up Suncoast Hospice online, call the number, and ask for Debra W. , a name given to me from a recent conversation.  The changes may be subtle for some, however, it was noticeable for me.  I took immediate action to call and get the information, the training dates are scheduled for January, including 4 hours of orientation and the patient and family support training for 12 hours.

With that said, the ideas are now coming again!!

The Why:

20131005_145046There is a long list of reasons for me to volunteer my massage license.  Here is a quick overview:

  • Receive continuing education credits to maintain my license.
  • Personal, as I am currently a caregiver for my grandfather and a very special neighbor.
  • Compassionate experience helping people at a very sensitive time in their lives.
  • Expand my network.
  • True service to the community.
  • Answering my hero’s  journey call to the elderly.
  • Applying my Craniosacral skills as a true gift.
  • Develop heartfelt communication skills.
  • Apply compassionate communication skills to my network marketing business.
  •  and more…….

Follow my bliss:

It is with great discovery and joy how much I am learning about myself.  I know I must be happy within before my outer world is going to be complete.  Also, I know I am happy when helping others,  and yet I do not want to give away my whole self.  It is that passion to help others and feel gratitude and love in an unique combination that gives me drive for my goals.


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